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    Yeah, I should be able to do that over the weekend. It's on my external hard drive, so shoot me...

    Yeah, I should be able to do that over the weekend. It's on my external hard drive, so shoot me an email with EATC in the title and I'll reply to that with pics. My email is [email protected]
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    Expedition overhead console gauge pod for SVTL - $100

    Hey guys, I sold my Lightning a while back and I've been holding on to this gauge pod in the event that I buy another Lightning, but realistically it's not going to happen. I hope this goes to a good home. Made by MMCustomworks, it is in perfect new condition. I set it up in my Lightning and...
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    Expy overhead 2 gauge pod made by MMCustomworks - New - $200 shipped (Jax, FL)

    I'm pretty sure I paid about $230 + shipping for this originally, plus I had to preorder the part and wait months for it to be made. I had it in the truck for a few weeks before I swapped the overhead back to stock to sell it. The pod is in perfect condition. It's been sitting in my apartment...
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    Best way to sell my '03 Sonic Blue Lightning?

    I'm close to finishing up the Lightning, and expect to have it ready to sell in about 3-4 weeks. Since it is not stock, I would like to sell it privately and I wonder what ideas everyone has for getting the best price for the truck. I was thinking of posting it up on all the main forums...
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    FS: '03 Sonic Blue SVT Focus 3dr (EAP int and rims, audiophile pkg, sunroof)

    Hey all, I'm looking to sell my cars, pool my money, and get something new. I've had the car for about three years, and I'm thinking of going the luxury route with my next vehicle. The Focus will go first, but for those interested in my '03 Sonic Blue Lightning, shoot me a message or watch...
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    Thinking of selling my '03 Sonic Blue SVTF - Ideas to get it sell ready?

    I've been thinking about this for the past few months, and I think I'm going to sell my current three vehicles and pool the money into one nicer vehicle. I'm looking for any ideas on what I can or should do to get the best dollar for my car. I'm not in a rush - I have a few maintenance things...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    This was in my one pound package of lunch meat.
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    FS - SVT front seats - back/blue

    $250 (buyer to arrange shipping, if needed). These came out of my '03 SVT when I upgraded to Recaros. The driver's seat bottom side bolster has a hole - it's very common among SVT seats due to the weld for the support bar underneath. The bar was fixed, but the seat leather was not...
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    FS - Passenger Bench seat ('03) in great shape

    $250 (buyer to arrange shipping, if needed) I took out my stock seats to swap in some Navigator buckets. I've sold the stock driver's seat, but my passenger bench is still available. It's in great shape. I'm in Jacksonville, FL. If you need it shipped, you can work out the shipping...
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    EATC (Digital climate control) swap

    Want to change your stock A/C knobs out in favor of the digital climate control system? Of course not - it doesn't make you go faster. For those few out there who would still want to do it anyway, here's what you'll need to go from your regular A/C (no, I didn't take a picture - go out to the...
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    FS - Lightning dash bubble, radio bezel, surf board, dash cupholders

    I removed these from my stock Lightning in order to install the new ones meant for the EATC (digital climate control). These parts are all in perfect condition, and I have the boxes that the newer ones came in for shipping, so they are packed very securely. Shipping will vary, but I would...
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    How can I wire up the traction control button (cwp)?

    Before anyone gets off on a tangent, I want to make it clear - I am not looking to add traction control to my Focus My '03 SVTF did not come with the cold weather package, but I've installed the EAP Recaros, and the heated switches to make them functional. I'm swapping out the console for...
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    New sig (not like the first thread that I meant to type avatar) :)

    I would love to have a sig made showing each of my Fords. Instead of trying to blend them all into one pic, I would like some kind of sig with three separate pics side by side (one pic for each car). If the some of the vehicle's details fit well into the pics, feel free to add them...
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    New sig

    Hi all, The title was supposed to say bad. I would love any help that you might have for a avatar I think one of the shots of my two svt's together should work, but I'll let you guys see what you can do with them. William The two SVTs together:
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    New pics for the new year!

    My SVTF looked so nice next to the Lightning out in the driveway that I just had to share. What a great way to start the year. Hopefully by the end of '11 I'll have a Sonic Blue Cobra in the driveway to keep them company!