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  • Steve, sorry for late reply. But it honestly depends on a few things. Stay away from radials on a manual trans car. Stay away from over aggresive single disc clutches, and lastly ensure you take out driveline slack at track. Takes driver concentration for sure.
    Hi There, I'm new to this forum and am going to purchase a 14 gt soon. I'm asking you this question because I saw your video and obviously you know a thing or two about these cars! I know there is a huge debate about the mt82 vs auto but I really like the manual trans and am planning on modding the car to mid 11 sec times. I know nothing is certain but in your opinion will this trans live at that level? I'm talking 10-15 passes a year and the rest just street driving. Im planning on the appropriate shifter/clutch upgrades, I'm just concerned about the trans itself. I'm not posting this on the forum as it would just stir things up. Thanks!
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