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  • Hi, my name is Brandon and my girlfriend was digging the pink SR22 you painted. May I ask what paint you used? Thanks.

    My name is Chris and I am interested in the Cobra for sale. I live in SF so viewing the car in person might be out of the question but I am very interested. I would have to have it shipped out to Cali., please let me know if we can work out a deal.


    Hey there,

    I got an 03 Cobra/Saleen Vert and I was wondering if you have any instructions on how to remove and replace the hydraulic cylinders as my passenger one is leaking and squirting out all the fluid. My email is [email protected] Thanks

    I'm installing a convertible hydro lifts and motor. To bleed the system should I start with the top down then fill the resivior up and cycle it three times up and down? Should the plug be back in while I cycle or stand the motor up and leave the plug out since I have to fill it up anyways. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    We were at Nashville Goodguys this weekend and saw a person that had on a white t-shirt with the red R and Cobra on the front. When we asked, he stated to go to this web site and that a person was making and/or selling them. Have we reached the right person? Thanks, Chip & Marsha ([email protected])
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