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    1993 Cobra For Sale Vibrant Red

    Thank you. I never had the car dynoed. We did on road tuning (in a safe controlled environment of course). Tuned by Xzile Motorsports in Ventura County.
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    1993 Cobra For Sale Vibrant Red

    Appreciate the kind words!
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    1993 Cobra For Sale Vibrant Red

    Thank you! It's a fun car for sure. Time to thin the herd a bit. It will make someone very happy!
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    1993 Cobra For Sale Vibrant Red

    Thank you sir, much appreciated!
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    1993 Cobra For Sale Vibrant Red

    SOLD!!! Thanks Jim!! She has a great new owner!
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    Vortech V3 Satin Supercharger Kit for Sale 11-14 Mustang Coyote, New

    Selling a new unused Vortech V3 Kit. Complete smog legal kit as supplied by Vortech, 4FQ218-020L Includes 47lb injectors, spacers, and X4. Tune works with manual transmission vehicles. More details can be found at the Vortech website below...
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    SCT X4 For Sale - Unmarried - 7015V

    Selling an unlocked and unmarried SCT Xcal 4. Used on a 2015 Mustang with a Vortech. Received custom tune with new handheld. $300.00 Shipped. Thanks for looking.
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    2008 GT500 Coupe for Sale - Vapor Silver

    I'm selling my 2008 Shelby GT500. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this car. Don't ever drive it and its time for someone else to enjoy it. See mod list below. Let me know if you guys want to see any additional pictures. This is a California car and has never seen rain. Always...
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    FS - 2008 GT500 - Vapor Silver

    No longer for sale. Thanks guys.
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    2004 Competition Orange Coupe For Sale, Low Miles

    Selling my 2004 Comp Orange Coupe. This is a one owner car purchased in Ventura, CA and has been garaged all its life. Please see below for modifications done to the car. There is nothing wrong with this car, it is just time for her to have a new home. Vehicle is located in Ventura County...
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    Trufiber Super Snake Hood - Brand New See for sale thread in the market! Thanks for looking!
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    Trufiber Super Snake Hood - Brand New

    I'm selling my brand new Trufiber Super Snake Hood. Its still in its original wrapping. Ended up installing a different hood. This is the Super Snake hood with the recessed hood locks. Hood locks and windshield washers are included! Here's the link to the hood on their website...
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    For Sale Coast Aluminum Drive shaft GT500

    Selling my Coast Aluminum Driveshaft off of my 2008 GT500. I took it to Coast Driveline to have it serviced and the balanced checked before sale. Balance is perfect and front joint is freshly serviced with grease. No vibes felt at all when using this shaft with proper pinion angle...
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    Borla ATAK Axleback 05-09 Mufflers

    Nearly New Borla Atak Axle Back Mufflers. Purchased with my longtube headers and it was way too loud for where I live. Literally were on the car for 10 minutes. Ended up installing my stock mufflers for the mean time. A buddy of mine has these on his 08 Mustang with factory cats and it...
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    Lysholm/ Vortech 3.3L Supercharger

    For sale, never installed Lysholm 3.3L. Blower was purchased for a project and was never installed. Comes with fuel rails and throttle body. Parts all included as new. Fits under the stock hood. Comes with 4.0 inch pulley. Blower is not mine, listing this for a friend. If you have any...