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    Yellowstone Season 4

    I really like the show but I think they have pushed Beth too strong. Me personally, I wish they would turn down the language a bit.
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    What did you do to your foxbody mustang today?

    Looks like it didn't disappoint.
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    WANTED: WTB: 1990-93 fox GT

    Brady, that is clean, nice purchase!!
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    WANTED: WTB: 1990-93 fox GT

    Nice!!! That is a great find right there and only 6hrs away. Happy for you.
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    WANTED: WTB: 1990-93 fox GT

    I was at a large swap meet this weekend, had you in mind and didn't see anything close to what you would want. Two fox cars that were not race cars, one notch and one hatch. Keep looking your car is out might be 50k but hey it's only money.
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    Mecum Auction / The Gary Thomas Collection

    I will be there, be glad to bid for you fellas. Hehe
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    Get Loaded Up | It's Time to Head to ModNats 2021

    Man, I would have loved to watch that. Talked to Jr for a while Friday and Alex on Saturday but couldn't get back there Sunday. With the weather what it was I knew the times were going to be good.
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    Get Loaded Up | It's Time to Head to ModNats 2021

    What class was Lund running and how did they end up?
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    Get Loaded Up | It's Time to Head to ModNats 2021

    I wonder how late they will be running on Sunday?
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    Preview of a resort we are building in West Virginia

    I am happy for you and your family but can't imagine taking on this size of a project in the climate we are in right now. Props to you brother.
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    Ford Adds New GT500 Heritage Edition and Exclusive Code Orange Paint | Plus Coastal Edition Mustang

    I am a huge fan of orange but, that blue is money!!!
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    WANTED: WTB: 1990-93 fox GT

    What about the one on Bring a Trailer?
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    Whole Home Generator, give me your 2 cents worth.

    That's a lot of money for a little inconvenience. Not sure what part of the country you are in or if you experience power outages often? Do you guys really need to run the whole house or could you get by with turning some things off in order to run your water heater or stove for a short time...
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    Get Loaded Up | It's Time to Head to ModNats 2021

    It's my home track. Going to be a spectator but will enjoy every minute of it.
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    2008 gt500 6r80 with quick 6

    Got ya, that is costly.