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    Pros/Cons: Manual Challenger Hellcat (2016+)

    I currently own a 2015 M6 Hellcat. I've owned both the automatic and manual version of the car. The auto definitely performs better with the tall gearing of the manual but I still prefer the stick shift. Hellcats are great for your intended purpose. If you do get one remove the clutch delay...
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    New Mustang

    Hey that's my car...I bought it from a dealer in Colorado but the original owner sold it on BAT so there are pictures of it all over the web. I've since changed the wheels and added a blower. OP congrats on the Boss they are great cars.
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    Trey Parker and Matt Stone save Casa Bonita!

    It's kind of in the hood along Colfax Ave west of downtown Denver. They will probably turn it into some sort of South Park themed restaurant which will make it a tourist attraction . It might help revitalize a pretty crappy area.
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    Congrats is the real estate market in the Kansas City area as crazy as everywhere else? Grew up there but haven't been back for quite awhile.
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    Brian Shaw making a F250 look small!

    He lives in my part of the country. I would love to meet him sometime. I'm not usually too interested in meeting "famous" people but this guy has accomplished a lot from pretty humble beginnings. I'm not small but would probably look like short fat guy next to Mr. Shaw. I know several people who...
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    I recently bought my wife a certified used Lincoln. As part of the deal I traded in a Ford Explorer that I was leasing. The lease was almost up and with the used car prices the trade in value was way over my buyout. On paper I was buying out the lease then trading it in to the dealer. I received...
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    End of an era for me boys...

    Bought and sold quite a few cars. The good thing is most of them are easily replaceable. I've had three Hellcats because I've thought there were other cars out there I wanted more. Every time I've sold a car I've found a good deal on another one a short time later. I agree that enjoying them...
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    Factory shifter or BARTON?

    I would say so and I'm pretty sure Barton is the company that makes the Ford Racing shifter.
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    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    Never completely loved their music but they seemed like interesting dudes. I really liked their documentary on Netflix.
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    Race Proven Motorsports: WTF?

    The owner explained that he provides PTO versus specific holiday pay. That's done by a lot of companies big and small. My wife works for a major company with over 20k employees and they earn PTO each month how they use it is up to him. The disgruntled former employee seems pretty whiney to me.
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    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    2013 Boss 302 and 2015 Challenger Hellcat with a manual transmission.
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    WANTED: 2013 Boss 302

    Just saw a SBY Laguna Seca that was mildly modified with pretty low miles go for 38k. I think the Boss's will hold value pretty well and don't see it tanking anytime soon.
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    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    I've owned some 70s and 80s muscle cars. I loved my GN and grew up around them as a kid but no comparison to modern muscle cars. I currently own the two best cars I've ever had and wouldn't trade either for something older. The only thing out there I would love to own at some point is a 13-14 GT500.
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    Wheel Fitment

    Anyone running a square 19x10 setup? Found a new set online for a pretty good price. Currently have the Boss 302S wheels which I don't love. I would plan on running a 275/40/19 squared setup and keep the 302S wheels and Continental DSW tires to run when the weather is colder. RTX OE Apache...
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    Resto-Mod - Coyote-Powered 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT 4×4 on BAT

    I had an almost rust free 70 Blazer I sold about 8 years ago for 11k. It's probably worth close to triple that now. One of the few cars I regret selling.