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  • Hi George

    Looking to replace the tri-ax on my 08 GT500 with the new MGW, saw the note about flat sticks and new shifter balls that were going up, did not know if the flat stick was even applicable to the shifter I need...could you let me know when you get a chance? Thanks

    I just recently purchased the race spec shifter for my 2015 GT. I installed it and even adjusted the shifter as per the video. Even after adjusting I'm still finding that I have an issue with first gear at times. Do I have to back out the pin another quarter turn or so? Also, I bought the adapter to use the stock shift knob. It is the same thread pitch correct?

    Looking to buy a mgw shifter for my 03 gt with a 3650 do you have any sales going on or promo coupons? I have paypal and am ready to buy! Thank you bryan
    Looking to get rid of my steeds triax and go with the orange shifter for my 03 cobra t56. When is the best time to get ahold of you to order one?
    Hi George,
    From my post you explained I shouldn't have to hold any pressure on the shifter on a 1-2 shift? If I adjust it, will it effect the 4th to 5th shift, or 5th to 6th? My guess is the adjustment must actually "tip" the shift rail further to the left theretofore eliminating any interference between the forks.
    And BTW, I grew up in my Father and Uncle's Tool and Die Job shop and did quite a bit of CNC machining in my day. We closed due to work in Southern CT drying up. I am personally impressed with the direction of your company for finding your own markets, and thriving. I wish we did the same. But from one machinist to another, great job and workmanship, I recommend your product whenever I can.

    DA BOSS 13
    Much like Coyote Ugly I am very interested in your shifter for the 2011 Mustang GT. How does one go about getting on the list so I can get one ASAP? Please PM with any details
    I have a 2011 GT Manual and after seeing the videos for your shifter,I want badly to buy one. Where or how do I get on the list for one or where can I order one?
    Just saw this post. Just ordered the shifter today for my2011 vert. Would love to have the white one with cobra emblems. How can I order or get on the list. Thx
    How much is a 2009 gt500 shifter with the white ball with blue stripes? I was thinking about going with the svt shifter but everyone is recommending the MGW. Also i don not have a lift to install the shifter
    , is there a performance shop in Houston that you recommend?


    are the 2010 gt500 shifters ready?would like to order one how much are they?also would like to get the shifter knob to in either white with red strips or black with red strips with the cobra on the side.
    I would like to get on the pre-order list, saw the shifter at Mustang Week this past weekend, would have brought one there if they were available. Is there a number to call.
    if your looking for some real world track testing on this thing i will be glad to test one at the next NMRA event at Z-Max in charlotte, nc. Currently running 10.3s with factory shifter, just let me know when your ready for me to order one.

    How do I get added to the pre-order list for the shifter? Will a shift knob threaded for a stock shifter still fit? !! When do we get to see the pics!! :>) Thanks.
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