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  • Ah, I understand now, ha ha.

    Without a tune you can do midpipe back exhaust and intake. That really is about the most you can do without a tune. With a tune I would contact Justin at VMP tuning and get a package from him. You can get a CAI, upper pulley and tune and save a bit. This would get you into the 440ish rwhp area. Add a lower pulley later to the mix and get to about 470ish. Have the blower ported and look for around 525-550 rwhp on the average. That's the direction I would go unless or until you want more power. ;-)
    Lol! Ima day late and dollar short. I just seen your wtb post and we got this car on the lot but thanks Jeff and if you know anyone on the hunt you have my number I'm in Charleston
    Hey Matt,

    Sorry, I don't do tuning anymore as I sold off my software package. Not really looking to buy any cars right now. Just bought the GT500 about two weeks ago..LOL

    Thanks though!

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