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    Back from dealer. Drove the new gt.

    It was a base white gt with the track pack. $35k. The car looks smaller than I expected. The car is absolutely gorgeous. It felt slow but I'm used to my car. The deal didn't work out unfortunately but I will get one once rebates and discounts start.
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    2011 mustang gt manual trans paxton supercharger 19k miles.

    Hello everyone. I am interested in selling my 2011 mustang (premium). it has quite a bit of mods. it runs excellent and it has been taken care off quite well. I am the first owner of the car and never had any accidents or issues with it. Right now I have the stock 18 inch wheels on the car...
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    Parachute??? nah...

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    Rat Rod. Crazy engine!!!! BIG PIX!

    Went to get a cuban coffee and this gem was parked there. The owner was talking to another guy and I could not help my self and had to get pics to share with the interwebz. V8 Twin turno N/A!!!!!! AMAZING! T-Bolt clamps and everything!!!!
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    Not sure I've seen anything more amazing lately. ART!!

    Paper EVERYTHING Model 777 Project - Complete - a set on Flickr
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    S2000 teaser.

    Quick video i put together last night of my buddys s2000. car makes 450rwhp at 8500 and holds peak power to red line at 8700. on the video it was only spinning to 8200. E85 and ball bearing turbo will be the step. should make somewhere around 550 to 600rwhp. The only work that we have done to...
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    my car makes 750,000rwsp. how much power does your car make?

    The SquirrelPower Calculator -
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    Gopro external mic test. 2011 blown gt

    bi1dndT8whY Weather was cool and I just got an external mic for my gopro so I had to try it out. The mic is an audio technica 3350.. Its a $20 mic but it seems to work pretty well.
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    How to treat the mt82.

    So I finally have a gopro after my girl helped me get it for my bd. anyways we went out searching for the external mic. found the usb to 3.5mm adapter but no one has a 3.5mm mic around here. So i let my frustration out on the stock mt82 with stock clutch, shifter, fluid and clutch line. lots of...
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    camera experts please guide me.

    I am in the market for a nice camera. I would like a mirror less camera that could also shoot good videos as well. Budgest is $700. Thanx
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    Anyone had problems with power windows?

    I took my car to the dealer around 3 days ago to fix the clicking noise that was coming from the middle ac vents and they fixed it by replacing a damper motor.. anyways the day after my passenger side window stopped working. thankfully it was left on the up position. the motor works because the...
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    Game over. win

    Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone - CBS News
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    N2MB wot box testing.

    Here are two quick pulls short shifting testing the no lift feature of the n2mb wot box. the no lift timer is set to 175ms. i will lower it to 150 or 125 for even quicker shifts. you can hear on the video that the bov stays closed during the shifts so there is 0 boost drop between gear changes...
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    N2MB Wot box wiring.

    Hello guys. I am wondering if anyone has installed the N2MB box in a 2011 gt that could give me some details for the install. I was looking at the instructions on their website but they are for a 2011 gt500 and im not sure if the wires that i need to go after are the same on this cars.
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    iracing. anyone play here?

    I am a big fan of the sim. just wondering if anyone here ever plays. here is a video of a race a couple of seasons ago that someone recorder and gathered the highlights. im car number 12. dGOeMCAhgD0&feature=share&list=FLuUiI7naOJmYa7Y62yrFBQw