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  • I saw your post about your leather seats and was wondering if you still had these? I'm in Tennessee and have no idea on shipping costs tho. Also my Car is a 2014, are these compatible? Thank you sir
    I found that the problem was the wire harness that connects to the coil packs kinda of wiggle a little and not getting a good connection. I went through and zip tied the connectors tot he coils and that solved my problem. Must have been the heat causing them to work their way loose.
    Hey boss man, I saw your post a while back about your ti,-vct acting up.....I never saw where you had posted your solution or outcome....the reason I'm interested is because it seems I'm having the exact same problem you were.....I can't find any info anywhere and am hoping you can share some advice......Im running a Kenne Bell, so I don't know if boost caused it, or if it was a solenoid like one guy had mentioned..... ..I would really really appreciate any info ou can give me.....thanks can just email me if you would prefer [email protected] feedback is really appreciated
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