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    FS 2 diablosport tuners 98-04

    2 Diablosport predator tuners for sale. Will marry any 98-04 V6, GT, bullitt, Mach 1, and cobra (minus 03-04 termi). Asking $220 for each one
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    98-04 predator tuner FS

    I got 2 diablosport predator tuners for sale. $220 for each tuner. Both in good condition, both for the 98-04 V6 GT bullitt mach1 and cobra(minus the terminators), both are divorced and ready to marry your ride for 15-20 HP gains. I'm in California, hmu
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    Superior Mustangs Car Club in Fontana

    We are a new club based in Fontana, Ca. and we would like to invite any mustang owners to check out our website and facebook page. If you would like more info or to join us for a meet, just message either Ryan or Marvin for more details. We are all mustang fans and keep busy nearly every weekend...
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    new guy from cali..

    yeah buddy! im from so-cal's IE and ive been driving a mustang since 2006. started with a 1998 v6 and after 5 years with "knuckles" i bought a 2003 mach 1. been driving around for 3 weeks and a termy owner from my car club told me about this website and so i joined up without delay. looking...