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    Ford's All-Electric Mach E | Drag Strip and Road Tested | How Good Is It?

    I don't have a single problem with the fact that it's electric. I have a problem with the fact that it looks like something my Mom would drive.
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    Comedian Norm MacDonald of SNL ‘Weekend Update’ fame dies of cancer at 61

    Norm was one of the greatest comics of all time, and one of my personal favorites. This one hurt. RIP
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    95 Braided Brake Line Recommendation

    I have the Russell lines on my '96. They fit great, but be certain that your tailpipes aren't rubbing against the hard part of the line if you have a cat-back installed.
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    2021 NASA Championships

    One of my best friends is a photographer for NASA, he'll be there snapping photos.
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    At least you've managed to internalize "nonsensical rambling" and "meaningless catchphrases" from the lefty playbook.
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    It was a throwaway comment but by all means please type additional paragraphs
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    Relax, it's Reddit commenters. Everyone on Reddit is a dork.
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    I hate thieves

    10/10 thread, would read again, OP delivered
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    Cocky Tesla Owner Street Races in Front of Police Department

    A cocky Tesla owner got baited into a street race on a busy road that ran in front of a police station. It ended in the best way possible.
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    It probably has more to do with the fact that Ford has their hands full with supplier delays at the moment. In addition to the chip shortage, Webasto can't build the Bronco tops correctly. Why put resources into another variant if they can't even build the existing model?
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    SVTP is Going Offline | We’re Moving | New Server News and Software Updates

    Man, that's an attention-getting thread title! Happy to be a new member of the Party Liquor Posse. Looking forward to enjoying the upgrades we'll see here soon.
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    Monday joke

    Not calling out OP – I enjoy your daily jokes – but I've noticed a common theme in baby boomer humor. Boomers: "I'm a real man, I'm a tough guy, I don't take no shit." Also Boomers: Hen-pecked and terrified of the 5'3" 135 lb. harpies they married fresh out of high school. This isn't directed...
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    2022 Bronco Adds Heritage Inspired Eruption Green Metallic Paint

    This is the color my wife has been waiting for. Hopefully we'll be able to get our order in before they discontinue the color – Ford has been all about the one-year-only colors lately.
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    Ice White Edition Appearance Package Coming to a Mustang Near You

    This would look really hot parked in the garage next to a triple white 1993 Fox Feature Car. I'm surprised at the lack of a numbered dash plaque. Also, I wish I could see what the taillights look like when they aren't illuminated.
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    Who’s number one on your playlist?

    I'm not usually the type to listen to the same song over and over, but this one is a heater. Came out in 2017 but has been recirculating via memes lately.