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    2020 Gear Change

    nobody has done it yet. i did like the ooomph when i changed tired sizes to an effective 4.10, so i know what your after. I may try this soon
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    Drag strip woes! Could use some help.

    So theres a few things 1- LC will not engage if the dct is not up to temp 2- LC will not engage if car is parked/started on an incline/decline 3- on stock tires, drop pressure to about 20-22psi cold 4- set LC as low as possible ( i forget like 1200?) 5-Set to dragstrip mode - dont change...
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    Engine gone again!!

    hes had some bad luck with the car. he is one of 60+ running with PBD however, and nowhere near the fastest / highest HP. so that means what else is different.. 1st motor was on him, after that and short time in between tells you whats really going on ( engine builder)
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    997HP 2020 GT500 at StreetCar Takeover

    I had fun, you will too
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    StreetCar Takeover - Charlotte

    Road Trip went well
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    Theoretical 1/4 Time Question

    4300lbs, 997hp 8.96/155
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    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    Hennessey would never, ever touch this car. Palm Beach Dyno tune, 1320junkie port, supporting mods from lethal performance, SSP clutches, work done at C&D Autotech in Delaware
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    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    You should ask Fran to be invited to the blast's, if your into that sort of thing. didnt watch the whole video to see hp, but cars for everone to match
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    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    fun time for sure
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    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    mamba would get smoked. 163 was his best, both ran 163 THAT pass, which was OUR worst
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    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    SS717 and Stangmode came out to one of my events again.. we had our 3rd run in :)
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    8 second '20 GT500 Videos

    My own video , if you wanna gimme the clicks: Your favorite Mustang Youtuber, if you wanna see some behind the scenes chatter: and the king tuna himself if you want a full overview: