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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Finally got the dream bike, BMW S1000RR. Can’t believe I waited so long. Hell of a machine, very happy with her.
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    Any Jeep guys in here?

    98 TJ, love my baby! its def a lifestyle once you join. don't be a douche make sure you jeep wave back to people lol
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    People who stream TV, come in pls.

    i jailbroke my fire stick and use my own modem/outer. cheaper bro, pros and cons but i don't miss the $150 cable bill lol
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    Chick Fil A is overrated, change my mind.

    been to a few cities with them, its literally every store. breakfast, lunch, dinner, always stupid packed but i can get a $7 meal in and out in 5 mins and its tasty. love that place! +1 on pastel shorts and hairless legs lol leave me alone ha
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    Do you collect things?

    I collect beaver pelts every Saturday night...
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    Vehicles you owned or drove that pleasantly surprised you...

    drove a newer Malibu as a rental last month. super smooth, blue tooth, super comfy, I was like man this is nice. then I remembered im coming from a 98 wrangler that rides hard lol
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    Thinking about buying a Jeep...

    I was like uhhhhhh correct lol
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    Thinking about buying a Jeep...

    gas mileage sucks but I tellll you hwwwat it saved my ass more than a handful of times in bad weather. I love my 98 TJ Sahara. rusty with faded paint but shes strong and reliable. its def a lifestyle, crossing over from cobras to a Jeep was so different but kind of the same if it makes sense. I...
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    Is my House Haunted: Poll: SVTP will decide.

    ghost is a bitch for not tightening the detergent cap after he washed clothes.washed his ****ing sheets and spilled it on carpet.
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    Is my House Haunted: Poll: SVTP will decide.

    seems like your ghost as ice.
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    Name your celeb crush...

    none y'all heauxs put planter/hannah? lying ass heauxs...
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    who rides motorcycles and what do you ride?

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    The housing market

    let that ****ing bubble burst, i have some deployment money to use to pick up stupid cheap homes to rent later lol
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    who rides motorcycles and what do you ride?

    CBR 1000RR I had a 600 theres a huge diff between the two. Get a 6 and upgrade.