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  • Hey Justin....I use to own a 09 Shelby and I bought a power package from VMP .... I sold the car (dumb move) back a few years ago... I missed the car so much I bought a 11 Shelby just like your black one. Just wondering if you had any discount codes for the same power package ( cold air, tune, pulley, ) thanks again... Mike
    Hey how's it going. I recently bought an 03 cobra. The previous owner said he had a remote email tune from vmp. I'm curious if I give you the vin number or his name ,would you be able to find the tune you did for him. The tune runs good. Just wanted to see if I could pay a fee to tweak the existing tune for me to add a diablo mafia?

    How you doing man I posted up a thread about a Car you're probably familiar with and should be up your way to get tuned here soon!!
    I bought the 2.4 pulley along with the bigger idler pulley and I am loosing 2psi of boost due to belt slip. I dynoed today and made 632rwhp with the slip. Do you offer a smaller belt aswell?
    I would like you to tune my car if it possible, I emailed VMP but no one answer me.
    Hey bro, I also am located in Orlando. I am about to take my supercharger off and send it in to get ported and also am buying a 2.76 upper. All I have now is intake, exhaust, headers, diablo predator chip, alt pulley, etc. I want to get it tuned after the port and pulley upgrade. What are your prices?
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