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    Cleaning out the garage.

    I have some oem and aftermarket parts to clear out after my build. All parts have around 47,000 miles unless otherwise stated. Went with stoker rotating assembly and bigger heads. All prices are plus shipping, if you are close then pick up is welcome. I am located in Mobile AL. If anyone has...
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    Engine builder near Alabama gulf coast

    Hello, As the title says, I'm looking for an engine builder on the Alabama gulf coast to rebuild my 04 cobra engine. I usually do my own work but I just don't have the time with work and I'm tired of seeing the front end in the air. Thanks for any help.
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    04 cobra parts for sale

    Parts I have after left over after finishing my build. All used parts are from 04 cobra and have 47,xxx miles on them.Will try to add the rest of the pics on wed. Thanks. Stock Eaton $350 Stock plenum & throttle body $150 Stock fuel rails $50 Stock MAF with housing $125 Stock fuel hat and...