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  • Hey jimmy, We talked on the phone last week about my transmisson fluid situation ( Royal Purple), everthing worked out fine. I dont think it was my transmisson fluid at all like you said, so I ordered a new blet tensioner from Thump RRR Racing. The part cost me a pretty penny, but im sure its worth it. I also ordered a snub idlerbracket for my Aux pulley aswell. Thanks for the help!
    hi Jimmy, how would i install an afftermarket radio in my svt focus with the factory subwoofer and keep it working along with the steering wheel controls?
    Thanks for help Jimmy, but it did not work. I hit the edit button and got to edit screen but I was unable to find a way to reduce the size of the text or pics? I then tried to change the font and a few other things just as a test an no luck at all. I was saving my changes every time, but I could not make 1 change? Help
    Hey Jimmy, I just posted in the FS section and my ad is waaay to big? I have not had this problem before. Any help would be great! Thank you

    Hey. I've tried posting a thread several times now, and it's saying it is awaiting approval from a mod. No notifications whatsoever. Some input would be nice. How does this even work? I haven't been notified in regards to the thread at all. Attempted to post over a week ago.

    I am trying to locate a FS thread I created 48 hours ago.
    My screen name is Boosted-2
    Title is - FS: 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra 48K

    Thanks for your help.

    Sean Driscoll
    Hey jimmy, there is a member that was banned b4 on a new name. His original name was kenny6858. The new user name is 04kennehell. Back in November he was trying to scam myself and another member. If you look at the phone numbers, they are the same. Thanks. just don't want people to be scammed again.

    Original link to him in november.

    Now todays link.

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