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  • hey whats up man. im looking to upgrade to a brembo 4 piston caliper kit. i cant find the red ones on line only black, do u know a website were u can get the red calipers in 13 inch 4 pistons and will they fit the factory 17 inch rims. thanks
    Hey Jefe! Is the desert street cars forum very active? I registered finally, but I'm waiting on my account to be activated still!
    Hey, I think I saw your Cobra at the Fords on Fourth show yesterday! Parked next to another yellow one at the DQ?
    Whats up bro? Thanks for the help. Hissingcobra hasn't gotten back with me yet in regard to that GT500.....In the meantime that one in VA is going for 36,500 with the wheels....
    Thanks for the tire advise. A few members stated the nitto was a poor wet surface tire. I am not sure if these guys just drive like flaming idiots or if the tires react different with setups gears,SRA etc. I just know for sure the stock tires have got to go. I just get on the car after 50 mph and want to be comfortable that the tires will not blow off the car :)
    Cool, thanks for the info. My dad past away a few years back and left me his 2 baby's. 65 & 66 Shelby's. Last year I bought an 07 and I haven't touched a thing on it, mostly because I have been too busy. I was told by a friend, who used to have an 04, that I would love that year. Just finding the time to look around a little.
    Hi, I noticed your Cobra and I really like it. I have 3 cobras now and I am looking to add another to my collection. How do you like your 04?
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