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    6r80 to th400 swap done how do I engage starter?

    I see how to bypass it on stick shift cars but how do I complete this on my yote? Trans is in and I'm ready to fire
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    LS3 Swap Calypso Green LX Hatchback

    Up for sale is my 92 Calypso Green fox. I will list the mods below. I built the car then our closest track closed so I've just lost interest. I will ship the car if you arrange it once money has completely cleared. Car runs and drives great. Made 498/445 on a mustang dyno. It is currently e85...
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    "Dyno Mode" in SCT tuning?

    guy today said theres a dyno mode in the computer, and that during street driving the cars are down on power, but once the car sees the front tires are spinning and knows its on a dyno, it does a full pull. BS or legit?
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    TRZ double adjustable upper control arm

    $100 shipped never installed
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    SCT Handheld, JLT oil sep, TRZ Upper control arm

    Totaled my car (battery still worked so flashed car back to stock) handheld sold JLT Oil Seperator-70 shipped TRZ double adjustable upper control arm, never installed 100 shipped-sold
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    Installed headers today, slop in steering now

    Couldnt remember where I read the solution to this, had to do with disconnecting the steering shaft? Theres prob an inch of slop in the wheel now. Other question, Im assuming with american racing headers, its physically impossible to install the back nut on the rear passenger side bolt?
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    Racestars+H and R super sports?

    Rims/tires in the mail, tire seems to only be 25" high (185/55r17) is this going to even fit?
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    Lowered cars, 11" rear tire fit?

    Bout to pull the trigger on some rts wheels and 28x11 et streets, will they fit? Car is lowered on h and r super sports
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    Guy spraying over 100 shot, are you going return style?

    For fuel, mainly guys with plummed intakes. Are you going return style fuel system, or is everyone running a separate fuel system for the nitrous?
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    2011 GT, How many miles on my Amsoil 0w30

    How many miles are you running before changes? still 5k?
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    Stock Intake Manifold

    150 shipped, car has 13k miles, in perfect shape. Buy it to port yours so you dont have any downtime
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    Can I remove upper strut nut without impact?

    This bad boy, just spins. Tips?
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    FS: Bassani Axleback

    Off of my 2011, has maybe 5k miles on it tops. 400 shipped USPS
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    Anyone running bullet mufflers and no catback

    Talking the mufflers straight on the X, like the coyote stock guys. Not a believer in back pressure
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    WTB: Stock boss intake elbow

    Looking for a stock boss intake elbow to run a boss intake with the stock airbox