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    Correctly setting up the TOB/cable/adjuster?

    only dumbass here is you with an improper setup clutch that went thru two because again... not setup right retard
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    Correctly setting up the TOB/cable/adjuster?

    Who said that? This RXT is effortless But what would you know.....
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    Correctly setting up the TOB/cable/adjuster?

    That's incorrect, a properly setup clutch should catch an inch or two off the floor. If its releasing to close to the top more than likely riding the clutch which will wear down faster My firewall adjuster is nearly all the way out and grabs right near the bottom. Should have about 1-2 inches...
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    Whats my chances of beating top hp cars of today.

    Hans is awesome, you're in great hands He's done my cobra a few times and just finished up my cousins 2.65 VMP install a few weeks ago
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    New Version F Fast Shift Knob

    In for stock style, maybe 2
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    Need new tires . Any suggestions ?

    Toyo R888r
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    Vendor disappeared.. now what?

    I agree Wrong
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    Vendor disappeared.. now what?

    You're all types of wrong my dude, you must be new to the internet/paypal. Paypal is an ass of a company and you DO get more protection when paying with a credit card rather than a debit card. Regardless, OP sent money nearly 2 years ago so he's kinda ****ed anyway. Sorry for your loss OP
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    Rear End Not Centered Under Car!

    Mine sticks out towards the driver side more, passenger side tire doesn't rub but the driver side does. 305 35 18 on 18x11's
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    Whipple is down on boost

    Not sure if this helps but 3.0" pulley is for 17-18psi and 3.1" is for 15-16psi
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    Just bought a completely stock 03 Cobra

    Its not an investment, mod that ****ing thing and enjoy it how it should be.
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    FS: MGW t56 shifter

    SOLD ^
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    FS: MGW t56 shifter

    Took this off my 03 Cobra, has around 10k miles or so. Comes with the "race" style handle and silicone... what you see is what you get $120 shipped