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    FOR SALE: New*** built Tremec T-56 magnum

    Thank you for clarifying
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    FOR SALE: New*** built Tremec T-56 magnum

    Wouldn't it be close ratio with a 2.97 1st? I would like a viper spec 5th and 6th though for a better hwy car. What are the cobra's 5th & 6th gear ratio vs the viper's 5th & 6th? Are we talking 2k RPM at 85mph or thereabouts?
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    FOR SALE: New*** built Tremec T-56 magnum

    So much want! 2.66 1st gear? *Nevermind, i looked closer at the pics
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    Is the inlet for the aftermarket TB a GT500 inlet?
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    FOR SALE: ID1300 Injectors

    I don't think he is responding to messages anymore. I offered to buy the injectors weeks ago.
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    FOR SALE: ID1300 Injectors

    I'll take them. Sent you a PM not sure if you got it.
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    WANTED: Looking for 18” wheels

    Sorry for the late response. I am going to hold on to them for the time being
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    WANTED: Looking for 18” wheels

    How quickly are you needing them? I have a set of AFS 18" rims I'm going to be looking to sell soon. (2) 18x9 & (2) 18x10.5
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    wtb stock parts 13/14

    dumb question, are the stock injectors for the 13/14 gt500 the same as the ones that are sold for the terminators?? i guess what i'm saying are the connections the same? If they are, I have a pretty new set I could sell you.
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    Ford Racing Whipple vs VMP stage 3

    Were those people with the VMP Gen3R?
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    Harmonic Balancer, Crank Support, Lower Pulley

    That is the way I want to go in the future. But spending $2,200 on those three things is a hard pill to swallow. However, the peace of mind that your crank is bullet proof is nice. Any clearance/alignment issue this yours?
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    FOR SALE - NEW Borla S-Type CatBack

    Wouldn't they just dispute it if they change their mind? Even with a written memo wouldn't paypal take their side? My buddy is selling his car on Facebook and someone from another state offered to buy his car. I told him to get a nonrefundable deposit but the buyer said he'd do it as long as...
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    FOR SALE - NEW Borla S-Type CatBack

    +1 Do you just have them send you the money through PayPal as friends and family, or something along those line?
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    WANTED: Dragon T.B

    Any idea what Dragon TBs are reselling for now a days?