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  • Just wondering if you're friend that bought Zeekmans Sonic Blue cobra has any desire to part with it? I'm still searching and willing to pay a very fair price. Thanks. Ryan
    Thanks again Sean, really made a big difference and I appreciate you taking the time to help. Car sounds amazing...deep down low but can really stretch out.
    Hey Sean,
    I saw you recently installed the atak system on your mustang. The thread actually sounded like you had an 03/04 cobra. I was thinking about returning my stingers that arrive on monday and going with the atak. I was just wondering if you had any sound clips as you probably already know there is none available with the stock manifold and h pipe set up. All the videos I find on our cobras have a thorough set up and this seems to make the car very loud and raspy with the atak system. I'm trying to keep a deep and throaty tone like the stinger CB but with just a bit more loudness to it. I'm not actually sure if we have the same year as your profile shows a 2011 shelby, but any help is appreciated. Thanks bud
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