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    big tires

    What does discount tire offer for 39+ inches tall that can run a 22 or 24 inch wheel?
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    One hell of a daily driver in the making

    EDIT: I want to give a little more background information about myself and the project. I'm 18, fresh out of high school and live turning wrenches. I am not made of money by a long shot, I work my 8-6 job Monday trough Friday, and do all my own labor. I want to make a statement with this...
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    Timeslip Database

    Is there anyway to clean up the timeslip db, whatever you search has a bs time. Hard to search for anything. Thanks!
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    fast efi

    Anybody here use a F.A.S.T. system from MMR? For 2 grand sounds a lot simpler than messing with a wiring harness.
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    Mark VIII = 96-98 Cobra ???

    Im planning on swapping the Mark VIII 4v engine in my car. Does anyone know the differences between that and the 96-98s besides the obvious, intake, and cams
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    LEO ONLY: Questioning of a minor without attorney present/parent or legal guardian

    Does an officer have the right to question a minor (17) as a suspect for a federal crime without an attorney, parent, or legal guardian present? I was read my Miranda rights, and held against my will in a police car by an officer. I denied him the right to hand search my phone for evidence...
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    Reverse/back ip sensors not working

    I recently purchased an 06 F150 FX4 and when I bought it the reverse sensors worked as they should. But as of a few days ago, the interior light shows that the sensor is "off". Obviously i have pressed the button to turn it on but it refuses to change the light. Occasionally it will be "on" when...
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    How often does someone "notice" or "compliment" you car?

    I've owned my cobra for 7 months, drive it occasionally, and as far as I remember I have only received one compliment on the car, a police officer who thought it sounded good. I was only in kindergarten when the 99 cobra was released so the previous models were definately "before my time", as...
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    So in attempt to sell my car...

    I get a call from a guy asking to come see it, we meet and he looks at it and decides to buy it. So come Monday and Tuesday he tries to find a loan for the car, unable to do so he decides to wait until december when he has all the cash together. But wait, it gets better. It is 9:39 am, im...
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    DifferenceS between 2001 and 2002's

    Besides the obvious supercharger, what features were different between the two, so far I've just noticed the front center console doesnt have a a lower console on the 01's. Also what features did these trucks come with over the regular supercrews, I'm having a hard time finding info on this...
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    Difference between xlt, fx4, and lariat

    What's the MAIN differences between the 04-08 f150 lariat and fx4. Why should I pay the extra money for these trims over the standard xlt?
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    Help me pick a new DD, lightning, harley, or fx4

    I'm looking to get into a new DD before the snow falls, and I can't decide what to get, if anyone who's owned one of these could shed some light on the subject, it would be appreciated. I'm looking at getting either a 99-04 Lightning, a 2001-2003 Harley F-150, or a 2004+ F150 FX4. All three of...
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    Saw a 2000 Cobra R at my Toyota dealership today!

    Turns out it was just a 99 GT A very nice looking GT, with 29K miles.
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    3.8 to 5.4 swap. Parts list

    Not sure if this is the best place I can post this, but ill try anyway. I have a 2002 Mustang 3.8 with the auto and I'm looking to swap to a 5.4 2V with an eaton on top (eventually). The first problem I'll run into is how hard is it going to be to turn the 3.8 into the V8. I'm lost with what all...
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    3.8 to 4.6/5.4 2V swap - parts list

    I have a 2002 Mustang 3.8 with the auto and I'm looking to swap to a 5.4 2V with an eaton on top (eventually). The first problem I'll run into is how hard is it going to be to turn the 3.8 into the V8. I'm lost with what all is required right now. Second, I'd like to keep the auto in for a...