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  • I just ran up on a post a few months back, around November of 18, where you were discussing with an HP tuners rep about your experience. Since then have you used the new mpvi2 for an 03-04 cobra? I'm trying to find someone with some feedback on how HPT is working on our cars and if it's worth purchasing. Thanks
    I saw you were looking for same heads. I have a good set of DB casting 9 thread heads that are complete if your interested..
    I saw a response you made to someone looking to buy. Do you still have a car for sale? I am in the market.
    Thank you,
    Turbo has less than 3000 miles, highest i saw was 22psi on the dyno made 827rwhp and 797rwtq... I love this turbo only reason I am selling is because my car was rear ended.
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