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    Advice with credit cards, and which ones?

    Read my response from earlier. Just keep it under 50% utilization and always pay off the months balance. You could pay the entire balance, if you wanted. I don’t think you need to. More important to never miss a payment or underpay the billed month’s balance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Advice with credit cards, and which ones?

    4stang6, well depending on where you get your score from, it may change depending on the bureau or where you source it from. The score number is used by analyzing a bureau's credit report of you, and each bureau may or may not have a different credit report of you. They generate the credit score...
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    What is a good handheld shower head?

    Ask your wife, she'll know. And if she doesn't, I bet you she has a friend that does. ;)
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    Car not taking gas

    I had the same issue and it turned out to be a melted vent tube in the OEM heat shielding. Check yours out and be weary of the shielding, it may not be readily apparent that the tube is melted because of it. Here is a SVTPerformance link detailing the issue and my fix. Come in if You've...
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    Check Engine light after N2MB

    You need to have your tune adjusted to run the N2MB. I believe to run it, you have to turn the misfire table off. Contact your tuner and let him know of this change.
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    Wednesday Joke

    lmaoooo :D
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    What is spacetime?

    False. Have you heard of one they call AOC?
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    4L60E Build Help - Advice

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was looking at those. GM 4L60E GPZ Friction Clutch Pack | Raybestos Powertrain Do I need to buy anything more than that? What’s your take on the 29 element Sprague and 13 vane pump? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4L60E Build Help - Advice

    So I am building a 4L60E for a truck and would like some advice on any additional parts that I am missing or I should get. I'm putting together the parts for my tranny guy to build and would like some feedback. AWD truck that is my daily driver that also tows the racecar on track days. Can't...
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    Fuel prices near you

    Was $2.99 at Costco for 93 on Sunday here in Ft. Myers, FL. The pump stops at $150 so that's annoying to hit now. -_-
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    Monday joke

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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    Then you are most welcome! 7upstang is a liberal, please move here and grab your chance. But it was mostly aimed to the audience in general. Please keep our state red. Also, I guess if they can vote multiple times, so can we. Where do I mail my burlap sack full of votes to? Sounds good, see...
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    7upstang doesn't work. He says he does but all he does is call me on the way to his extravagant lunches in Naples while his employees do all the work. The life. Another one in Fort Myers here. And don't listen to anyone saying that people in Sarasota, Tampa or even Orlando are any different...
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    Anal or not?

    Two things: 1. When my girl puts a container down and doesn't tighten the cap down all the way. 2. When the toilet splashes me after I drop a gift off. Cleaning up spilt liquids, pills or Knick-knacks and the toilet kissing my brown eye really grinds my gears! :mad::confused:
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    5.2L Supercharged Predator V8 Power | Not Yet Announced for the Gen III F-150 Raptor

    Give me the V8, and make it a supercharged 5.2 or 7.3 with the 10spd or gtfo. :cool: Also... I like it a lot but do the headlights and side amber accent lights make it look like a turtle retracting it's head into the body? LOL. I think if I had it, I would lightly tint the middle rectangular...