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    2003 Redfire Cobra For Sale

    Mint 2003 Redfire Cobra For Sale Well guys the time has come to part with my beloved Cobra. I am the original owner. I purchased the Cobra new from Akins Ford, Winder, GA, on 5/21/2003. It has been covered and garage kept the entire time that I have owned it. It has seen the rain once in 9...
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    Front Suspension Binding noise

    Not sure what this is, perhaps someone can help. When I park my L at night, my driveway is slightly elevated and I pull in with my front wheels turned right to alomost lock. When I back it out in the morning, wheels still turned right, I get this binding popping sound until my truck is on...
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    Colgan bras for lightning

    I have been searching the Colgan web site for a bra for my L, with no luck. The only style the offer is for the Harley Davidson model. I have seen them before on their site for L's, but not now. Anyone have any insight? Thanks
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    20 inch wheel question

    Hey guys. I have the stock 18's on my L. They are the silver painted version. Does anyone make a 20 inch replica of the stock painted wheel? Thanks for the help.
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    04 Exhaust Tips

    My 04 L's current stock exhaust tips are a little beat up and need replacing. I have been searching for quite a while and I am looking to replace just the tips only with something like 3 1/2 to 4 ince stainless slash cut tips. Do these exist for a stock exhaust or will I need to pony up for a...
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    whistling Sound

    I recently installed a KN FIPK on my L. I noticed, what I would call a whistling sound on start up and also when I am driving. I checked all of the vac lines, with no leaks. Could this be as simple a the air whistling through the throttle body? No loss of performance at all. Thanks. BTW -...
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    New Tonneau Cover

    My factory tonneau finnaly gave up the ghost, it was weather beaten and cracked around the edges. I took the cover off and the rails and called Extang to order a revolution cover. They informed me that the revolution will not fit on an L. For some reason I though I saw a post where someone...
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    Dupli-color bed armour

    I have a stock ford bed liner in my 04 L. I wanted to freshen up the bed liner and wondered can the dupli-color bed armour be applied over an existing bed liner? Thanks
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    K&n fipk

    Anyone have one of these? I put one on my L yesterday and to say the least was a major pain to install. I have used K&N systems for years, I have on on my 03 Cobra and was always pleased with them. Anyone else had similar issues with this system? Thanks
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    Silver Bullitt Exhaust

    I was thinking about getting a Silver Bullitt cat back for my L. Does anyone have one? If so, your thoughts on it are appreciated. I don't want a cat back that is so loud that I can't here myself think when I am driving. Thanks
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    Lightning CD Player

    I just recently picked up a clean 04 Lightning. I checked out everything prior to the buy with the exception of the CD player. It is a stock 6 disk factory unit. Tried to load the first CD and it just runs and gives off a clicking sound and then displays a load error msg. Is it worth it to have...
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    Tonneau Cover

    New Lightning owner and I have a question. I looked through the forum and could not find anything related to my issue. My Lightning has a factory tonneau cover that appears to be able to slide forward, like an accordian, but I cannot release the cover. I found two clips at the top or end of the...
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    New Lightning Owner

    I have been on the SVT forum for several years and have an 03 Cobra. For years I have always wanted a Lightning but found it a little impratical, plus Lightning's were hard to find. My daughter moved home from NYC and needed a car and the rest is history. I gave her my DD and went looking...
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    Removing Super Glue from Paint

    I was doing a minor fix under the hood with some super glue and managed to smear some on the underside of my hood. Tried everything to remove it, any suggestions ?? Thx