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    New upgraded boss heads for sale!

    Any power gains with these heads and cost for heads and separate install cost?
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    Winter Blues (or... GTHGs) - I miss my Boss

    No spray, just frequent trips to a hand car wash.
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    2019 Ford Ranger - 5 Hits

    Will be a Raptor Ranger Model too. Whoo Hoo!!!
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    N/A Boss guys, what's your launch technique at the strip?

    Motor stock -Lowered, Panhard Bar, Lower Cont. Arms, Spec Stage 2+ clutch, aluminum flywheel, Shocks set 5 frt & 1 rr. Stock Pirelli's - MGW Shifter. Trac Cont off. Rev to 2700 with launch control & pop clutch. 12.9 @113.
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    Winter Blues (or... GTHGs) - I miss my Boss

    Have Pirelli Sotozero winter tires on my 13 and drive it all winter in Michigan. In 3 years have never been stuck in snow.
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    What makes the Boss special to you?

    Had a 12 Boss, sold with 1900 miles & bought a SBY 13. Autocross the car in SCCA SOLO Autocrosses, FS Class. It is a blast to race with the Red Key, has enough HP as handling is the key to AC. Put a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 2's on - 295 rear & 265 frt. Very good grip, much better than stock...
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    New Member New Boss

    Now you must race it. It is built for that. I autocross mine in SCCA events & drag race. It is a blast to race & too much fun. LOL
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    New Member New Boss

    Welcome. You have bought arguably the best Mustang built to date. Enjoy
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    Bossy has New Shoes

    I wanted 305's for the rear , but, was concerned they would rub. Just went from 285 to 305 0n my 15 Vette & had rub on fender liner. Was able to clear it. Will be racing the Vette with the PS2's this week & see how they do.
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    Bossy has New Shoes

    A bit hazy. Can do better if you want.
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    Bossy has New Shoes

    Toyo's are good tires. I went up one width as that will keep me in the same SCCA class as stock. Would have liked bigger , but, want to stay in FS Class.
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    Bossy has New Shoes

    Still on stock wheels. Only on one week and have not raced on them yet. Can tell they hook up much better than the Pirellis.
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    Bossy has New Shoes

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 295/30/19 rr 265/35/19 frt wear 220
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    Drags Today

    Go around the water. Thanks for the advice. Probably won't be back with the Boss until Sept.
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    Five plus years later... Still love my Boss

    Had a 12 Boss & now a 13. After 3-1/2 yrs., still love it. Running SCCA SOLO tomorrow, what a blast to race.