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  • Yes. I found one on summit racing website and I was wondering if it will work. Summit Racing® Mass Airflow Sensor Screens SUM-29060S.
    Hey! I was talking to Shaun about the starightener and he referred me to you. Do you have a link where I can purchase it. Thanks.
    Hey man did you get a chance to check out my video of the similar noise I am hearing with my Paxton setup? I'm trying to narrow it down to the bypass valve to replace it possibly.
    How you doing bro?

    I am wanting to do the lower grille delete that you did. Can you give me any more info on it? More detailed pics maybe???

    I'm trying to figure out what you cut, what and where you did supports, etc...

    Thabks for the help.

    honestly i cannot remember lol. i havent had that car in a while im pretty sure they were 275/40/19s but dont quote me on that. I know they were a 10" wide wheel and honestly iw oudl go 295 for that size.
    Hey I saw a post of yours with those LC818s and they look great. I was wondering what tires you're running because I like the wheels and wondered if 255 in front and 305s out back would fit.

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