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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    He is famous actor and singer in my country :)
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    Installing ATS Brembos on the Cobra.

    Could I use GT500 rotors, so I could use whole brakepad. I can machine outer diameter if it is too big, but is offset similar.
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    If I looked like that, I would have serious masturbation problem :)
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    I'm a fan, show us more!
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    I got a 3D printer...

    I ordered Ender 5 Pro, still waiting for arrival. There are some desings in Thingiverse for Mustangs or other car related. I plan to make some interior parts, like gauge cluster to replace sn-95 clock.
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    IAT2/boost sensor specifications?

    Does Terminator ECM use boost signal for something, because there are no hints in software? Mach ecm has inputs I can use for logging. Ecm can't do anything with that data, but it makes analyzing easier. I think I have to check values by handpump to calculate voltage/boost ratio because there is...
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    IAT2/boost sensor specifications?

    I have swapped Terminator engine in my 1994 Cobra, project is nearly finished. I have 2003 original repair manual and Alldata access but I can't find where Boost sensor wires are connected, or what kind of signal they are giving. I have Mach1 ecm, and I'm using IAT2 instead of IAT in maf sensor...
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    WTB: 03/04 Coolant Crossover Tube and hoses

    My car is 1994 Cobra, engine from mach1 and I'm adding eaton m112 with partly selfmade swap parts (like Trilogy Motorsport set for Marauder) I'd need titles part shipped to Finland Europe, paypal in advance. I need at least the big hoses that connect to crossover. Picture from my engine
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    Marauder bracket eaton swaps

    I'm making my own brackets. I used picture search a lot, and made test brackets from plywood. I made Inventor drawing from test bracket, and had them laser cut from mild steel. Sc bracket is ready, alt bracket needs some turned parts.
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    Holly appears to be dumping their Cobra headers

    All vendors had regular prices, or even higher. And I always make my own exhaust after headers, current car being 1994 with 32v and irs rear.
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    Holly appears to be dumping their Cobra headers

    I was trying to buy, "not available online" Apparently that was that :(
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    Help with some Wires

    test continuity on either battery connector. + to start, - to ground
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    Solid Axle Swap, ABS help needed.

    I don't know if this helps, but I swapped IRS in my 1994 Cobra, and used IRS axles sensors with 1994 ABS-module, so sensors and tone rings are similar. Sensors are not mechanically similar.
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    m112 questions (porting, silencers, stripping rotors)

    oops, I dind't read properly. Boost was lost, but power not.
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    m112 questions (porting, silencers, stripping rotors)

    I had 302 before, Mishimoto radiator and no problems. Same radiator fits now. I don't have heat exchanger yet, I'm looking for good deal. Article with dyno curves, engine lost power in low rpms with smaller pulley: Blower Porting by Stiegemeier