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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Super Duty XL Dually Caught Testing in Dearborn

    That configuration is the Bull Dog package. Bad ass
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    Just picked up this 2022 F150

    Not much under sticker. $500 which sucks but in these days it’s what it is.
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    Just picked up this 2022 F150

    Couple of pictures of the truck now.
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    2022 Expedition Stealth Performance

    You gotta give it Ford for throwing everything they can at vehicles just to stay we have it too. Having said that the F150 12” screen would have been perfect here. The 15 just looks out of place. Do love the rig though. Kudos to Ford for allowing others to get the HO engine. GM would...
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    Cars from today's Lincoln Tech Car Show

    Still my favorite vintage cars are the Continental and the Fleetwood De Ville.
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    It was between a C7Z06 and a Gen 3 Viper.Came home with this

    Just let us know when you have a normal size blower like say a 2.6 or 2.9 lol anyway beautiful ride.
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    Aventador SVJ vs Dodge Demon Drag Video - no contest

    I would rather have no class but be rich , I know that’s terrible. But give me the money
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    My New Edge Addiction... Picture Content

    That’s pretty damn cool. I know I will get flamed but I liked the new edge better then the 05-09. The 10s and above were beautiful again.
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    No Wonder Cops Are Bailing

    Benjamin Crump has other ideas.
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    No Wonder Cops Are Bailing

    Social parasite. Feel so bad for our law enforcement who deal with trash garbage like this. Anyway. I think it would be a good time right now to just say stay woke
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    2004 Pontiac GTO | Retro Review

    I had a 2001 Vortec Camaro SS. Just a basic 6lb kit with cooler with not much else. I was afraid of blowing the motor but the way it sat made 470RWHP. Ran very nice , until I ran into a certain 03 cobra. We ran a few times in the HWY and he would leave me slowly every time. He was also...
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    2004 Pontiac GTO | Retro Review

    This was a nice ride with good performance. Offcourse by this time the Cobra was eating people. And ohh yeah LS6>>>LS2
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    All New 2023 Raptor R: Arriving July 18 | Ford

    I’m also very excited to see the 10A behind this engine. Hell yes.
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    2023 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica | MotorWeek First Drive

    Time for some new models VW. Ohh and this is another masterpiece
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    Hoonigan: Terminator vs. Ferrari swapped Toyota

    Maybe if you had a V8 Raptor you would be cooler lol