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    Widened 2013-14 GT500 Performance Pack Wheels.

    Up for sale are two 20" rear wheels from my now sold 2013 GT-500. I purchased these wheels which were widened by 2 inches then repainted on the inside. The rims are in excellent condition and have Mickey Thompson ET Streets mounted with sensors. Tires have some wear as I bought them used, and...
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    MRT off road H-Pipe off my 2013 GT500

    Selling my MRT Maxflow off road H pipe. I upgraded to Longtubes so this will no longer work for me. It's got about 600 miles on it and is in perfect condition. Never hit the road and never seen rain. Looking to get $250.00 plus shipping, currently located in the northeast.
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    Engraving on Alcoa 50th Anniversary Wheels

    I pulled off my wheels today to install my BMR upper control arm and paint my rear calipers when I noticed these hand written engravings on the inner lip of the wheels. I only photographed two of the wheels as all of them are different. Anyone know if these have any significance??
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    Anyone try 30 series Michelins or Equivalent

    Friggin tire threads!!! Sorry in advance. I picked up a set of 50th anniversary Alcoas from Snorman, who was a total gentleman to deal with and totally went the extra mile for me. I nailed down my tire dilemma by going with the Michelin Pilot Super Sports and Tire Rack got the job done, along...
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    Wheel spacers

    Now that my Shelby use has pretty much diminished to nothing, given the cooler temps and the road application of liquid calcium chloride, my attention has shifted to getting my widened SVPP rims squared away. I need to space out my wheels about 10-12mm and need some advise/direction from the...
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    The super blue.......blues ????

    Not sure if this posted right but one of the local car club guys Facebooked this. If so, snatch up what ya can!!!!
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    Finally Installed, Revan Racing 13-6 Kit

    Well, the threads giving Revan Racing props are popping up almost as often as "what tires will fit" (no offense) on my GT500 threads. Unfortunately it took me FOREVER to install this kit as I received it about three weeks ago and the timing with a new position at work left me with little or no...
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    Well, it's no Eleanor but I'm pretty ok with the product placement

    If there's a Bieber cameo........I'm walking out.
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    Quarter Window Scoops and Splitters

    After going back and forurth between Shelby quarter window scoops and other brands that appeared similar, I decided to spend the extra money and get the Shelby ones. The Shelby ones are well made and fit perfectly. [/IMG] [/IMG] Despite a bit of a wait from Roush Performance I got my rear...
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    Well...The UPS Guy (Brown Clown) Dropped Off My First Round of Mods

    I had a credit from some returned parts so I cashed it in on some suspension goodies. First up were some Ford Racing lowering springs. Since the wife pissed me this afternoon and the girlfriend is busy (joke) I figured I would sequester myself in the garage. A few before pics. Before...
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    Seam in stripes

    Since there's 38" of new snow on the ground here in the northeast, and the past weeks slight melting has only teased the arrival of spring some time in September, I wondered out to the garage to fickle over my pride and joy. I noticed a seam in the tape stripe on the front bumper in the area...
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    The Day Finally Arrived !!

    My 2013 GT500 made its way to my garage today. (One pic to follow and more after that) I had originally had my name on a black stripe delete, but after some minor stroking around by that dealer, all it took was another local dealer to offer me the Deep Impact Blue (with white stripes) gem on his...