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  • Hey Fastphil,

    Thanks a lot for the positive comments man! Yup they are indeed 18" CCW classics with black centers (obviously). They really suit these cars great and I get lots of positive comments on them. If I ever feel like a change I'll let ya know, Don't think it will be any time soon though man :)

    Hey RiceEatin03,

    My current mods list is as follows:

    Engine & Performance
    Hp Twin Turbo kit Stage ll with 57mm turbos
    QA1 Tubular K-member
    QA1 Tubular control arms
    SCT 2400 MAF
    Diablosport MAFia
    95mm C&L MAF Housing
    Ported '01 Cobra intake (powdercoated black)
    LDC cooling mod
    Dynomax exhaust

    Kenne Bell BAP w/ wiring upgrade
    Siemens Deka 60# Injectors
    Ford GT Pumps
    Modified FPDM

    Viper spec tranny
    Centerforce LM series clutch
    Fidanza flywheel
    Fiore Adj Clutch kit
    Steeda Lock firewall adjuster
    Lethal Throwout bearing retainer sleeve
    26 spline input shaft
    Upgraded output shaft
    DSS Level 5 shafts
    BilletFlow IRS brace
    Upgraded bushings
    Maximum Motorsport Coil-Overs All around
    Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates
    Maximum Motorsport Sub Frames
    MGW Blue Handle

    This is how the car was when it did the 794rwhp run.

    I did however lose my engine (I actually think it was caused by a faulty alternator) and my car is being torn apart in August with this stuff going in:

    -Fully built shortblock from Modular Performance consisting of:
    BOSS 5.0 Big Bore Block
    Oliver Billet Connecting Rods
    Custom Diamond pistons (8.5:1 compression)
    Melling oil pump
    -Livernois Stage 3 ported heads (latest castings) with Custom turbo grind camshafts (spec'd by Mike at Livernois and ground by Colt cams)
    -ARP2000 Headstuds
    -Mod-Camponents adjustable timing gears
    -LFP Extreme Duty Race Radiator
    -Evans Cooling waterpump

    -Spec P-Trim twin disc clutch (rated at 1395ft/lbs)
    -Quicktime scattershield/bellhousing
    -LDC Freeplay mod

    -GT35R 61mm Ball Bearing turbos
    -SLP Linelock
    -Black Wrinkle valve covers
    -Magnafuel full return fuel setup with Glenn's sleeper tank
    -Start 'N Charge 180A Heavy Duty alternator
    -MAYBE upgraded hotside piping (might upgrade to the new HP hotside piping with longtube primaries and 3" downpipes and 3" X-pipe with a 3" catback, maybe Bassani)

    I'm sure I'm missing stuff, plus there is a bunch of other misc. small stuff too. I can't wait to get this done!
    Every time I see your sig, I get a little bit lightheaded... :p Let me know if you ever think of selling those rims! What are they, CCW's?
    Hay hows it goin I noticed your car by just lookin around on the forums and was wondering if u would be willing to let me know your mod list on your car. I also have a black 03 cobra and im pretty much doing the same thing that you did and was just wondering what your mods are. I saw that u put down 800/750 and thats what i was pretty much shooting for. Any insight or help would be much appreciated. thanks.
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