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    2010 volkswagen gti

    Selling my four door, grey, 2010 volkswagen gti. I've had the car for almost 2 years. It's a great daily driver. Looking to sell to buy another cobra, or gt500. No mods except tinted windows, car currently has 88,250 miles. Looking for payoff on my loan. Not looking to make any money...
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    Test test

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    Snow storm in Wisconsin

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    One slick hill !!!

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    What happened to the L enthusiast on SVTP?

    This section certainly isn't what it used to be, just curious WHY?:shrug: I know the lightnings are not getting any newer, but with the "Terminator" sections still very active why is the lightning section so slow?
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    Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2012.

    Anybody else think this years class is kind of weak?:shrug: Hall of Fame Class of 2012 receive gold jackets - Dermontti Dawson only played like 8 years, Chris Doleman only averaged 60 tackles a year. Cortez Kennedy, and Curtis Martin were both good but didn't play that long. I...
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    high milage lightnings, Q&A please!

    Looking to possibly buy a lightning for a daily driver, and to pull a boat. Wondering if there is a buying guide like cobrabob has for cobras? ( Terminator FAQs ) What should be my biggest concerns about buying a used lightning, and a high milage lightning? Is there a few big concerns or...
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    Sony nex-5n anyone?

    The gf and I are looking to upgrade to a new camera. We are not sure if we want to spend the money or if we will get "that into it", to buy a dlsr. If anybody has the nex-5n or any experience with it, please chime in! :read:
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    Post your favorite fight scene from a movie!

    I will start, classic... gangs of new york, butcher vs the priest!
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    99-04 anderson ford PMS

    Im selling a Anderson Ford PMS(programable engine management system), this will work on any 99 - 04 mustang, cobra, gt, ect. I have the 3bar map along with everything you need. New these sold for around $1200, I would just like to get ride of it. $350 [/URL][/IMG]
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    2003 svt hood blanket

    I have a slightly used stock hood blanket. Has some water stains but can be painted to look like new. Not sure what I can get for it or how to ship it, but make an offer! [/URL][/IMG]