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    12 & 13 Boss owners, still smitten?

    Very nice! I still love my car! Ordered some bronze apex wheels to put my continental slicks on.
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    MT-82 second gear trouble

    i doubt you broke anything. Just sounds like the synchro is gone. Same thing happened to me but on third gear. The stock clutch never fully disengages at high RPM so over time it wears down the synchro until it no longer works.
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    Stock Boss vs. Whipple 2.9 Charger

    This! Twin disk clutch and a ben calimer mt82. You will not miss a gear.... ever.
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    Curious about 2012 Boss Value

    Stock clutch?
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    Potential Purchase, what did the 2012 Boss cars come with?

    The recaros sit lower. My brother has standard seats in his and he wants recaros to gain more head room. The recaros are height adjustable via a lever the the driver side.
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    FS: Brembo 4piston calipers/ Dba rotor brake setup

    Payment sent for the calipers.
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    FS: Brembo 4piston calipers/ Dba rotor brake setup

    Is that $450 for both sides or just one? If that price is for both I will take them.
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    Which Mustang $35k Budget

    C6z or 2000R gets my vote.
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    If you could have one car....

    ferrari 599 gtb with a manual transmission (very rare)
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    CFM Performance Group buy for DSS Driveshafts!

    Price shipped ti 80104. 2012 manual, aluminum and CF price ?
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    Have you no soul? Forza 7 is coming to PC!

    Forza apex (forza 6) is available right now on pc.
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    2012 mustang gt500 muffler clamps.

    Hello i'm trying to source two gt500 single tip muffler clamps. This clamp is for the over axle pipes to the mufflers. Thank you.