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    First 2018 Shelby GT500 Spy Video source code from google search
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    First 2018 Shelby GT500 Spy Video

    Inside info now suggest 5.8 trinity and why not it's easy to get them to 750/800 hp my guess is a reworked 5.8 with a 2.8 blower
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    You pick my exhaust

    I'm ordering an exhaust next week I think I have norrowed it down to magnaflow comp or borla atak. I have youtubed the shit out of every exhaust out and these 2 sound the most nasty. Everything else is kind of mild instead of wild. Anyways give your vote and I will buy the one with the most...
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    Exhaust who is doing what

    A lot of people talk about x-pipes and h-pipes but what's everyone doing about exhaust or mufflers I have you tube around and like corsa and the mangaflow comp series I would like feed back anyone heard something they think sounds killer in person
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    Wish list

    Was on lethals site and put together my wish list Borla atak cat back 700 hp power pack with x-pipe Barton shifter Mcleod clutch twin disk street Total $ 5750 Hoping to get clutch and shifter over the winter and add rest by end of Summer.
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    Convert tested

    2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible First Test - Motor Trend I always want to know stats wise if it was a difference
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    Winter storing check list

    I live in Canada so I have to park my car for winter in 2 weeks or less. Does anyone have a good storing check list of things they do ?
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    Galpin auto sport wide body

    Anyone thinking of doing this ? Galleries | Southern California's Premier Car & Truck Customizer - G.A.S. - Galpin Auto Sports Must cost a lot but damn it looks good
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    Bolt ons no tune

    I'm sorry if this topic has been posted but can someone help list all the bolts you can do with no tune So far I heard TB what else is there ?
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    Speedster cover for verts

    Saleen used to make a really nice fiber glass painted to match cover for converts making them into a 2 seater think they called it a speedster anyone know if someone is making that for the 13 would love to get something like that
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    Resonator delete

    Anyone done this and what's your thoughts ?
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    0-60 App

    I know the track app times aren't very accurate but were all on an equal playing field so post your best times. First try with the LC and testing the 0-60 app I got 4.8 seconds I LC @ 2800 rpm and shifted at 6000rpm and my car is a vert. going to try again tomorrow for better time and I'll post...
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    You tube race video's

    I'm aliile disappointed there aren't a bunch of steet race videos or some 40 mph rolls going on yet. I get my car on Monday and i'll be out go Pro'in there is a gtr a vette and a galardo that are in my area. Really shocked no one else has anything up yet
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    Race Fuel Concentrate

    Torco Accelerator Unleaded Race Fuel Concentrate (Case of 6 32oz Cans) Torco Accelerator is not just another fuel additive.It's simply a RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE! With many of the same additives our race fuel possesses, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the make...
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    Track apps 0-60

    Any one tried the 0-60 track app and get under 4 seconds ?