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    The 2018's are crazy!! Anyone see the Lund info?

    Badass video going over the process of tuning and what it ran at the track.
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    7.4 Turbo Coyote Street car!!!

    Thank you. CPR turbo kit. Transmission Specialties powerglide.
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    7.4 Turbo Coyote Street car!!!

    LOL! Changed up the combo a bit over the winter and decided to try some shake downs yesterday and focus on getting the 60' down. Did progressions through oit the day running the 60' then 330' then 1/8th. Finally made a hit to the 1000' and the slip blew my mind!! Went a damn 7.4 lifting at the 1000'
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    7.6's! Rev Auto & CPR Magic!

    Got the car back out for testing. It keeps getting quicker and quicker. There is still quite a bit left believe itnor not. Modular Performance Solutions MPS2000 engine Rev Auto Ported Heads CPR kit (still the same kit i went 9's on with an aluminator) AEM w/ Rev Auto tuning Full BMR...
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    More World Cup Final Prep!

    Turbo coyote 7.6 @ 183
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    Turbo coyote doing work!

    Getting ready for WCF in 2 weeks.
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    CPR kit getting a little quicker!

    Prepping for WCF in 2 weeks. Pretty happy with the combo so far!
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    Finally an ecoboost in the 9's!!
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    600rwhp NA coyote!!!

    Check out Revolution Automotives FB page for more info! This car will make much more to once swapped to AEM. Its RPM limited right now.
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    CPR Turbo Kit in the 7's finally!!!

    Finally got the car out to the track yesterday and the 1st hit off the trailer was a 7.95 @ 184! Adam @ Rev Auto tuned the car on AEM and MPS engine. This is a 100% off the shelf CPR kit with the only change being the down pipe out the hood and turbo upgrade. Can't be any happier with the...
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    Haven't posted an update in a while. CPR turbo kit FTW!

    Just finished up a ton of changes on the car the past year and pretty happy with the results. This is still the same kit I bought 3 years ago with the only change being the turbo and downpipe!
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    NMRA Turbo Coyote Shootout in BG!!! Be there!!!

    Alright! The time has come! ROLL CALL!!! Who is ready to go into winter with the baddest turbo coyote in the country?!
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    Who has successfully installed an ACE triple disc with no issues?

    Having some problems and Darryl has been great customer service wise but something just isn't right. Want to get some feedback from others with it.
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    6R80 Transbrake for the Eco's!!!