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    Bought a 2004 Cobra parked since 2009

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    Bought a 2004 Cobra parked since 2009

    just remember for every dollar you spend on modifications your reducing the value of the car by twice that. bone stock unmolested cobras will always be worth more than those making twice the power of stock with twice the cost of the car invested to get there. A bone stock unmolested low mile...
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Thats inaccurate. Tunerpro came along well before BE was ever a thought. In fact BE originally had an import tool to import tunerpro def files originally. Ive never had a glitch before with Tunerpro and Ive put it through the paces. If you want to shoot me a PM or post a thread to discuss...
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    Running a tune for a 2.4 but with a stock upper

    only thing the pulley will affect at idle is bypass air if changing the pulley clears a fuel fault then you have an air leak past the bypass or venting air somewhere aint nuthin new about a 13
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    looking for a stock replacement ? salvaged engine? long block? short block? need bunches more info have u check ?
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    Best Tuning Software for 2013 Shelby GT500

    hes got that wrong above SCT has always been and will continue to be (for the foreseeable future) significantly far superior to hptuners. So superior in fact that most pro tuners use sct to write the base tune and then use hptuners afterwards since hptuners is missing thousands of parameters...
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    Friday Joke

    I got one even better and its just one word. Biden.
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    How is HPTuners for the 03-04 Cobra?

    why not use hp for the other engines and just get a qh for the cobra? hp charges $200 in credits to tune vehicles quarterhorse is free I dont understand
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    How is HPTuners for the 03-04 Cobra?

    moates quarterhorse is the only real option Neither hptuners nor sct do realtime tuning and they both have extremely limited and basic datalogging. They are both 20 years outdated tech compared to the quarterhorse. There is no comparison. Oh and also tunerpro the custom tuning software for...
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    Questions about the Electric F-150 'Lightning'

    Give it a few years when these lightnings are running 7s in the 1/4. A set of slicks, a battery upgrade a tune and an motor rewound and its over with.
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    How can I pull the tune off a SCT X3?

    SCT used to be a viable option 15 years ago but times have changes and there's far better options these days. In any case I can put the tune on the x4 for you as well as write it to the ecu directly and unmarry both xcals if you wish. Can also shoot you the mtf so you can edit it in prp if you...
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    Rebuilding The Terminated Cobra1FAFP48Y43F309694

    dont let any of these bastards get you down or make u feel that u have to explain yourself. I was 10 in the 5th grade in elementary school the first time i replaced the head gaskets on our old nova while my oldest brother supervised. Middle school I worked at a machine shop blueprinting...
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    Rebuilding The Terminated Cobra1FAFP48Y43F309694

    been there done that heres the best advice youll ever receive in your entire life pieces parts are going to cost you several grand so factor that in as expenses you cant avoid like suspension, windshield, trim, ac components, tires, brakes, belts, hoses, vac lines, gaskets, filters, lubricants...
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    97 cobra kennebell

    UPDATE / CORRECTIONS As of 15 minutes ago I have the code functional to datalog the 2 bank ecu's directly using the QH in tunerpro. SCT device is no longer needed you can do it all with the QH directly. Been a long time coming.
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    Legal advice; land dispute

    Sorry to break it to you bro but a purchase agreement is nothing more than a piece of paper. Unless all parties signed and notarized it before witnesses its absolutely useless. Thats like going to a dealership with one and trying to drive off the lot. It doesnt even mean they purchased it.