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    WANTED: Torch Red 10yh hard top

    Looks like it by the vin. Flippers...
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    Winter Storm Izzy

    I hope it’s not too bad, they have us coming in to work tomorrow. By the sound of it we will be working on Martins B-day too.
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    MAISTO Check! Does your local Sam's Club have any Maisto 1:18 cars in-stock at all?

    I stopped by before Christmas and they had two pallets of Maisto cars. I didn’t go through them all but from what I could see there wasn’t any cobras. The orange ones were released a few months ago and the white one I heard was coming during Christmas.
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    Cabinet install questions.

    The pic just shows the dimensions from the wall to the window on each side. I have one stud on the left side in between the wall and window but on the right side there is no stud in between the wall and window.
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    Cabinet install questions.

    I found this video, seems like a good way to hang something heavy.
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    Cabinet install questions.

    I am thinking about installing cabinets in our laundry room but I am running into some issues. The wall on the right side of my window has no stud in between the window and the wall. Do you think putting some furring strips horizontally which would be screwed to the studs and then screw the...
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    RIP John Madden

    RIP Madden.
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    2002 Hyundai Elantra - $2000 Challenge/Chump Car Build

    Is that number required for the race or to help break the cost of the fees associated with it? I was wanting to turn my camry into a chump car or lemons car one year.
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    2002 Hyundai Elantra - $2000 Challenge/Chump Car Build

    Looks like a ton of fun! How many people are on your team?
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    1998 SLP Trans Am Firehawk | Retro Review

    I always wanted an LS car, I was out of college when they were going away. The Hendrick dealer in the area was scooping up all the 6spd cars and had them in the back lot. I found a pewter Z28 with roll up windows and hard top, everything I was looking for but I didn’t have the $$ so I had to...
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    Castrated and soulless

    Couldn’t even watch a minute of the video. It sickens me what they are doing to this hobby, it reminds me of what they did with project X.
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    Seeing a lot of green this morning.
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    Tuner recommendations in NC area

    Randy Haywood tunes mega squirt ECU's. He is working in Wilmington, I can't remember the shop name.