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    WANTED: WTB True Forged mesh hood vents

    Really only wanting the TF’s but what would you want for the JC’s??
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    WANTED: WTB True Forged mesh hood vents

    That’s a real bummer. But still possibly interested until I can find a set of True Forged ones
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    WANTED: WTB True Forged mesh hood vents

    I’m definitely interested. What would you want for them?
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    FOR SALE: 2004 Screaming yellow Coupe

    This the same one Danny Johnson just did a video on about the intercooler cracking?
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    Central kansas svt and others check in!

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    Cobra IRS hardtail fab q's

    How’d yours turn out? I know Kenny Brown re does the geometry on the IRS. But have heard alot of bad things about them…
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    Compression test help

    I was thinking that too. It doesn’t appear to have loss of power or any codes. Appreciate the input
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    Compression test help

    Correct it’s an early 03 but no smoke at start up. Doesn’t seem to have the head tick either
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    Compression test help

    1 - 165 2 - 165 3 - 160 4 - 160 5 - 145 6 - 135 7 - 150 8 - 160
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    Compression test help

    Just did a compression test on my Cobra cylinders 5-7 were all kinda on the lower side with cylinder #6 being 135 psi.. the original plugs were all gapped around .042 I put NGK TR6’s back in gapped at .035 Should I be concerned with the compression test results? Car is 100% stock with 11k
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    True Forged

    Anyone have a set of TF hood vents? Looking
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    NEW True Forged design for 03 04 Cobra hood vents! new diamond mesh!

    Anyone have a set they wanna sell?!?!