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    I can try to do some looking in my emails but there was a guy that made a plate that looked OEM. I have one in my car, but I don't have my name on it because obviously the factory wouldn't do something like that on these mass produced cars.
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    Replacing the caged lower pulley bushings

    No I don't think so, there is j2fab option now. It can handle a lot more power but is kind of overkill for some. I think there would be a market though as these cars as they age for an upgraded drive mechanism. Maybe a drive mechanism that would fit a stock lower but have an option for more...
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    Replacing the caged lower pulley bushings

    Seems like a lot of work for the stock tribar assembly. Have your machinest friend make a new tribar and drive assembly.
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    Head work in Ohio area?

    Livernois is where I'd go. Actually I shipped my head's from ks to Michigan just for them to do them.
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    Would You Purchase a Re-Painted Terminator?

    I'm a believer that the best paint job is the original paint. If I was to repaint my Terminator a color other than stock I would go with a pretty eye popping color. I like the idea of a Terminator really just jumping out at you. I really wish I had gone SY or stayed SB.
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    Suggestions for a good work pickup

    I appreciate that. I think thats what I'd prefer is a V8 and the direction I'll push. I've never heard though how have the ecoboosts been holding up long term.
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    Suggestions for a good work pickup

    I will never question you on that because this is your expertise and you're in my region. Checking out Facebook Marketplace it seems like 90k-135k mileage vehicles can range for high teens to low to mid 20's. Obviously if I'm on the higher end of the mileage range it'll be cheaper, if I'm in the...
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    Suggestions for a good work pickup

    I don't disagree with you on some of that but part of it is my Father's business philosophy. If it was entirely up to me it would be buying slightly used and getting rid of them at around 200k if not sooner if they fail. We supply construction materials and our delivery trucks make the money so...
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    Suggestions for a good work pickup

    Our family business is construction and our company motto is that our pick up trucks are just going to be driven into the ground and they don't make us money they only cost us money. Its our heavy equipment that makes the money. Having said that I'm looking for a 1/2ton pickup thats extended or...
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    oldmodman's 468-Mile 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe on BaT

    Just wondering what your opinion is on repainting a OW car that yellowed. I had my side scoops, rockers, rear bumper and spoiler painted on my OW car it wasn't much over 10k Miles and always garaged. The parts just started to look really bad, just wondering how bad I hurt my cars value. The...
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    FOR SALE: 03 Cobra Parts

    Guys were paying 650-750 for stock mid pipes on Facebook to scrap them.
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    FOR SALE: 03 Cobra Parts

    You midpipe is probably worth 3-5 times that to a scraper
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    ProEFT Tuning - Compound Boosted Terminator

    What would happen with a TV's on it? Still a restriction?
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    FOR SALE: VMP TVS 2.6 Carbonite coated pulley.

    Brady I'm really tempted to pick this up. what are you going to? Looking for any other size Tvs pulley in trade?
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    Vmp 2.65 3r with GT500 elbow/throttle body

    Are these new parts? Early gt500 throttle body setups didn't have the iac in the throttle body. It wasn't until the gen 2 2.3 TVs came out that the iac was in the throttle body.