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  • Beautiful car you have for sale and for a competitive price. If I didn't have a car payment already I would be all over that. Good luck and sorry to see you sell!
    yeap, screw them, although I hear if you push a dealer enough they will. I mean do you really want to piss off a customer that pays 50k for a mustang hahah
    good to know though, thanks. I wonder what they consider meeting all the symptoms. I'm shocked they even know about the TSB though, at least it shows you that it is common
    Hey, just wanted to let you know while I was at Stoneham Ford service dept. today making an appointment for a recall on my f350 I asked the service manager about the tsb on the gt500. In short they won't perform the work unless all the symptoms of the tsb are met and still at that point its up to them to determine that! I guess there not an option for the tsb work! Bastards!
    Yes, the hiss test is a big one. Another one is to put the car in neutral, clutch in and shift into 1st and reverse, see if it goes in pretty smooth, then try again but wait about 5 seconds before shifting, apparently if it goes in much easier waiting 5 seconds, it means your clutch is hanging and dragging a bit.

    I have no doubt that all cars will fail eventually, because Ford would not release the TSB if that was not the case, they are in no postion to give away money!
    That is a good idea, lets see how the cars do this spring and summer after some long cruises and lets get to the drag strip, that should put them to the test! Hey I mean, we got nothing to lose, if it breaks, it will be covered and if it doesnt then it will be a hell of a good time anyway. I am not sure where the other member is going but you are right the more time that passes, the more likely these dealers have worked on more cars. I know Imperial has done this for another memebers car, they actually just gave him a whole new Tranny! The total bill from Ford was $13k with labor!
    I hear what kills the flywheel and clutch quick is stop n go driving which I do not do much of. I also put the car in neutral at stop lights and red lights which helps keep heat down I believe and most do not do this which will cause the flywheel to warp quicker.
    The only test I remember reading about is the hiss test other than that I figured the rest I would feel when shifting, what other tests are there? I don't currently have any issues and I also dont like the idea of having the car worked on unless it needs it, but I don't want to be the guy that waited and had to pay out of pocket because the warranty expired before the symptoms started occuring. If it was up to me I'd bring my car in after this summer and hope by then the dealership has experience with this. What dealership is FiaCobra dealing with? I think he's in NH and having the tsb done now but there missing the 5th gear tool. I think spring is still 8 weeks away! I hate the winter!
    I am not sure on tools, as long as you don't replace the syncros I don't think there are any special tools needed.
    Lets wait until we meet up with our cars and I can show you some tests and we can compare and so forth. Imperial is good but I and you as well probably still know more abou our cars, but with that said, they are a level 1 dealership and do not require a go ahead from Ford so basically they can perform any warranty work they want at there discreation but they have not shown me any resistance.
    I am just worried about fixing something on a new car that for me anyway seems ok.
    My only problem is it crunches alot going into 2nd when upshifting, when I downshift into 2nd it is always smooth, but this is the only issues I have been having.
    Let me know if you would like some tests you can do yourself and I'll spell them out but you may have already seen or tried them?
    let me know and hey its getting there, closer to spring!

    Do you know that Imperial is ready to perform the work? do they have all the correct tools? I'm wondering if we should go at the same time or at least go and talk to the service manager together if you want? I don't care where I take it as long as it gets done right the first time. I dont want to deal with a dealership that wont do the TSB because I don't have all the symptoms. It's no skin off their back to just do it, Ford pays for it anyways. Let me know I'll be happy to meet you at the dealership.
    Hey thanks, no problem, it sucks that teamshelby is still down, it is a better site, although this one is more fun haha
    Let me know if you decide to go with Imperial for the TSB, that is where I will go and I think I will need to sooner than later, my tranny is just so dam notchy going into 2nd gear.
    thanks, and talk/see you soon

    Hey Chuck, sorry I still haven't gotten the hang of this forum yet and was waiting for a reply on my messages without checking back on yours. Thankfully I'm better with mechanics than computers! lol! My number is 781-983-0623. I'm holding off on the exhaust for now, I have a set of Mac axlebacks which sound pretty good but I'm thinking a full bassani 3" in the future? but who knows I change my mind everyday on what I'm doing. I'd feel better if I had the TSB done already then I wouldn't worry about sinking money into mod's. Have a good weekend!
    Hey Bill, not yet on the KRs, waiting till it warms up. Are you interested in the SGT Borla's when I sell them? I took my car out also, I wish though when I got it, I just kept it under a cover all winter, then underneath and the engine bay would not get so dirty, oh well, too fun to drive! I have not tried any more buffing, going to wait till spring, well have to meet up then and do some good thorough detailing and racing! I can't get onto TeamShelby, and I don't think I was able to reply to you on there. Whats your number again, I will add it to my cell, I forgot it. thanks
    talk to you later
    Hey Chuck, thought it was my computer not working when i couldn't get on teamshelby anymore! Did you ever get the kr axlebacks? How do they sound if you did? Took my car out today! couldn't wait any longer, figured the roads were at least dry, just got a little dusty. anything new? did you try anymore buffing? talk to you later, Bill
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