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    1. mustangmike02
      sent you a pm and email
    2. 347strokersn89
      Hey Man, really nice looking car you have, i've been feeling around trading my mach 1 or selling it, i have an 04 Azure Blue Mach 1, p-1sc Procharged dyno tuned from modular depot by Ken B. the car currently has 27k miles on it and is garage kept and covered and heated all winter.

      Some Mods:
      P-1sc Procharger intercooled
      42lb Injectors
      Upgraded Fuel Pump
      Kooks Longtube Headers
      Kooks Catted X pipe (also have the o/r x pipe)
      SLP Loudmouth 1 Catback
      4.10 Gears
      03/04 Cobra IRS Conversion
      1" Shaker Raise
      MGW Short Shifter
      Strut Tower Brace
      Welded Sub Frame Connectors
      Rear Seat Delete
      18x9 and 18x10 Black and Silver Bullit Wheels
      Built in hidden shift light
      no guages in it yet other than the factory ones
      SCT Tuner

      im sure im missing some things but anyway its a very nice car, the sound of it alone will turn heads anywhere i will post a video link of a video i have of it with the current procharger setup. The Paint is easily an 8.5 to 9/10 only because it does have small normal rock chips that you would see on any car thats been driven, absolutely no dents or major scratches, interior is 9.8/10 no fading or scratches in the plastic, only flaw is the driver seat left back rest has some small cracks starting in the leather, all the power works, cruise works, air works, the car currently does have a rev limiter set at 5800 rpm's because it put down 475 to the wheels and i didnt have the money currently to put a different pulley on the car to de-tune it so i had them set the limiter so i wont over revv the engine. It was having some fuel issues and its a very long story and it took a lot of twisting of modular depot's arm to get this car done it runs very good now but i think still needs to be tweaked on a little to be perfect. i am hardly ever on this website so if you are interested in pictures or anything you can give me a call at 513-919-5261 the name is Josh.
    3. fordvicious32v
      Hi there just wanted to know if you were intending on doing your part!
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