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    I took delivery of my 2022 Genesis GV-70 compact SUV. I love it!

    Rear tips look a bit off haha but other than, car looks beautiful! Definitely Porsche vibes from the rear. Congrats Bob! Will be waiting for interior pics.
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    Tesla moving headquarters from California to Texas

    That actually sounds more like a promising future, move Hollywood away. The rest can follow them lil by lil and MAYBE itll go back to being a decent state again.
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    New T.V. Recommendations

    My Panny was replaced by a Samsung Q70 75" for my living room. IMO the VT60 looks better in pretty much everything non HDR.
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    New T.V. Recommendations

    If you want the best, go OLED and dont look back. Im still holding on my Plasma VT60 in my bedroom, going on 8 years strong.
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    New Daily!

    Make sure to change it every 20-30k miles. There's also a lil air dam that goes directly to the PTU from the passenger side, make sure you tighten this well. Outside of the water pump and PTU, you'll have a great strong SUV. Loved mine, wish I tuned it before I got rid of it.
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    Ford’s Twin Panel Roof Broke Again

    I would imagine a moon roof/sun roof would have less issues than a convertible car. Also, being in colder areas, rainy areas can damage the plastic/rubber/silicone and/or other mechanics easier and faster.
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    Ford’s Twin Panel Roof Broke Again

    Almost all my cars from different makes have had a glass roof with no issues, love using it during summer and at night. However, this is my first Ford with a moonroof, knock on wood.....
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    Looking for opinions on a 2022 Audi S5.

    The GV70 looks beautiful! I really wanted a GV80 but the 3rd row was practically useless and had a nice mark up. Ended up with a Platinum but no complaints either. Enjoy it Bob! She's a beauty!
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    Subaru wrx for a daily

    If the WRX was bad in Denver, can't imagine an N/A car over there.
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    Subaru wrx for a daily

    Wouldnt a Legacy be a better fit? Practically a WRX but with a nicer cabin. I love my wife's lil ATS, was bought for 20~k about 3 years ago. With just a tune on E-85 mix it made around 320/350. Easily gets 30 mpg on hwy. Im sure a Fiesta ST or Focus ST would be great lil cars as well.
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    When you go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and someone makes you look slow!

    IMO it all started with 03 Cobra. A pulley and tune would practically demolished almost everything with a stock looking and sounding car. Now you can get a family Ford SUV that'll run similar times with similar mods vs the 03/04 Cobra LOL
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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

    Yes, Moderna. Armpit was hurting with the second shot the day after
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    2022 Ford Expedition Gets Updates | Including New Stealth & Timberline Packages

    Sheesh, I thought the Explorer tablet in the middle was bad, this one takes the cake easily. Why can't they copy Dodge's integration? I love the Stealth, looks great overall. One thing that bugs me, why can't they add dual exhaust to the back? Would look much better with a similar setup as the...
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    Announcement Vid - Ford Bronco Raptor Coming in 2022

    Im guessing more than likely it'll still have the same tranny with the same crappy calibration. Still, the 3.0 on the Bronco will be nice and ton of fun