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May 28, 2007
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War is Hell..., from Detroit/Washington D.C.

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Feb 12, 2017
    1. KeepinitRIL
      do you still have the sct tuner?
    2. FocusFactor
      Hi, i was wondering if you still had sct xcal for a svtf?

      u can call or text me at 724 709 5338
      I have a trade plus cash. A completely custom harley bagger. Email or pm me and let's work this out. I can send pics and details.
    4. Bloostd
      whats up,

      I have the stovck exhaust and intake. thats the only parts.
      The alightment has been like that since ive bought it. Its VERY slight you can barely tell.
      I hold the steering wheel a little to the left so its not perfectly straight, its off about 2 degrees... you wouldnt tell if you were the passenger at all.
      I've put 4k miles since ive had it. it has 14k now. just rolled.

      I have a serious buyer coming out tomorrow or friday. he is trying to get approved for the loan.

      i told him 27k aswell..
      Honestly, i could fold down the seats like i did before to put the xpipe in the car, with a drape laid down, im sure the cat backs would fit aswell.. then the intake in the front seat.
      Ill take pictures of whatever you want. the car is immaculate. Like i stated its still on the stock eagle f1's thats shows you the way I drive it. Same as the elderly gentleman i bought it from.

      thanks alot,

      give me a call if you need anything...707-816-2361

      ps: did you ever sell your zink yellow with 4k? :P
    5. homer302
      I would like to talk more seriously about this at 27K. Earlier you said you had some mods that weren't on the car but went with the car. Also, you said something strange about the car pulling to one side. I would assume you have run over a rut or something to throw the alignment off? What is going on there and is the steering wheel straight when the car is straight. I don't mean close to straight, I mean straight. Since I would have to pay to ship this all the way across the country, what can we work for that and getting the stock parts here? I want ALL the stock parts and need to know what if anything you don't have for it. How many miles have you put on it and do you have some better pictures to send?
      Thanks again. My contact info is 704-998-9829
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