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    1. STEVE2012
      I bought your kit years ago, but I had to leave the car and kit behind and one of my friends completed it. The frame though is now rusted out and my wiring started going out so I am swapping it into a 98 mustang. Do you have the instructions that would have come in the kit you could send me? Thanks.
    2. Trevs96CobraR
      Hi bird man. I have a 96 cobra that I'm doing a forged navi swap into. I have the boss 260 intake and full set up from the 96 DOHC 4.6. Was wondering what if you could help me out with the remaining parts I would need in your kit.
    3. Tyler Mendoza
      Tyler Mendoza
      Hi there! Wondering how much your 5.4 swap kit runs for? Thank you
    4. lhill1995
      I am building a 5.4 for a 2003 super duty 4x4 with trick flow heads and MHS stage 1 tfs na cams with a port matched HPS intake. Someone pointed my attention towards a 4v build and I am having a hard time comparing. Can a 5.4 4v be built to produce gains across the board or is it just a high rpm setup?
    5. Treneil11
      Hey birdman, I need your input on this swap, I'm in the process of doing the swap & I have everything except for the throttle body, what throttle body could go with the aussie boss intake manifold?
    6. Treneil11
      Can you answer a question I've been searching? Ok I'm doing the 5.4 4v swap in my 99 cobra, I've got the intake manifold and everything but the throttle body is what I'm stuck with! What TB would bolt up to the upper plenum? And also what all do I need for the swap? I have motor, wiring harness, short tube headers, & intake is there anything else I need ? Or may have a problem with?
    7. ryan5.4
      hi birdman i have an aussie intake im needing modified for 5.4 dohc swap. wondering what you would charge to do mods to the intake
    8. TheSargSter
      Hey man. Im sure tons of people are consistently asking you about your 5.4 swap info.. Im in the port charlotte area, id love to take a look at your some time to get a few ideas. Ive done months of researching. Im taking the route of modding some navi heads to pair up with a '11 5.0 intake. However, i am stuck on exhaust. I havent done tons of research yet, but i figured id just ask since my pal Phil told me you know your stuff.

      Thanks alot,
    9. KoG Cobra
      KoG Cobra
    10. KoG Cobra
      KoG Cobra
      hey man message me with whats inclided in your 5.4 swap and the price. i just picked up a navi long block cheap
    11. Boss 330
      Boss 330
      Steve, give me a call. Hope things are good for you.
    12. Camilo
      What's on your 5.4 swap kit and $$$.
    13. JUP
      I read the thread about the 5.4 swap you did on the yellow Cobra. I have a '98 Cobra with a bad engine and I'm trying to get a parts list together to see if this swap will work within my budget, which is around $5000. Any info you can provide would really help me, like pricing and availability on the Aussie intake, tuning, etc.
      Thanks for your time,
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
    14. SVTbrandon
      i was told to ask you about 5.4 motors. just wondering if you had any usefull info about them that i might need to know before i start building mine. my plans are to bore it out, and turbo. i heard that the heads were good if u port and polish, crank was good but the pistons and rods need to go. was also wondering about the heads that are on my 99 cobra or navi heads? i was also checking out the cobra r intake (do u know if it would be good for what i wanna do). what has to be done as far as the wiring harness(do i need the navi one, or chop mine to make it work?) like i said i was told to ask you about this to see if you could anwser some of my questions i had. thanks, brandon. [email protected]
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    100% Hand built 2004 Cobra (Body in white)
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    Developer of 5.4 32V NA swap kits for SN95 and New Edge

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