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    FOR SALE: 2007 Tungsten Grey/Satin Stripe Shelby GT500 57k Miles near Mint

    Just my opinion but take the hit and sell it to the dealer end the pain of trying to sell it .
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    Their are lots for sale most are priced at pie in the sky numbers but they don't appear to be selling wait till January their should be some more realistic pricing.
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    FOR SALE: 2017 Mustang GT 10.25 @ 136 Pump Gas

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    Ice White Edition Appearance Package Coming to a Mustang Near You

    Its beautiful but they will be changing the name as soon as the WOKE Groups start calling it Racist !
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    WANTED: Azure Blue Manual Mach 1

    Here is one for you 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 -
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    WANTED: 2013 Boss 302

    Priced fair will be the challenge 6 months ago you could buy one with under 5k miles for $35K or less now their asking $40K ++++ but if you notice few are selling at the current prices I'm waiting for them to come down to reality again.
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    FOR SALE: 04 Silver Vert (low miles)

    What a steal looks great GLWS
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    WANTED: Looking for a 13/14 GT500 Coupe

    The Key word is reasonable , I haven't seen anything lately Good Luck with your search
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    WANTED: 2010-2014 GT500

    A year ago their were numerous 13-14 low mileage for sub $45K and low mileage 10-12 in the mid $30's but not now. Owners are demanding more money but honestly I don't see them selling very quickly. As the bar gets raised the pool of buyers gets smaller, as usual buyers determine what they sell...
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    2008 Shelby Vert

    Men Looking at a 2008 Shelby GT500 Vert with just under 30K miles in very nice condition , new clutch and tires a few minor mods 3rd owner clean carfax. Seller wants $26K does that sound like a fair price for it ? Bill
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    WTB 2013 -2013 Boss

    Thanks Willy B that looks like a pretty good deal
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    WTB 2013 -2013 Boss

    Hi Nate You and I have spoken on Cargarus still thinking about your car. Bill
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    WANTED: 2014 Red Roush Stage 3 Mustang

    Here is a 2013 in white he wants $29K Used Cars for Sale Near Me - CarGurus