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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Notice how the electrics are just percentages? They do not want to list that they sold 500 of them, that would look like crap.
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    Yeah, they will not be able to produce very many.
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    I predict production capacity will not be close to what is projected.
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    What occurs if your roof gets damaged by a hailstorm? Or just needs replaced from age? In I live in south Houston and a roof seems to only last 10 to 15 years.
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    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    How much was you electric bill to start? Our 2500 SQ FT house in Houston gets to almost $200 in August but the full year average is around $100 a month. I say all that to say, we do not pay 5k of electric bills in 3 years.
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    "Emission" Free??

    Just going to make them more expensive.
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    New CARB Proposal - It Sucks

    We can call in New Havana
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    Moving To Tyler, Texas

    Tyler is a semi small town. It will have most anything you are looking for but I am not sure that there will be tons of clubs.
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    Fuel prices near you

    Can you even really siphon gas on a modern car? I tried to help a neighbor get old gas out of his tank a few years ago and it had a screen that blocked a siphon tube from going in the tank. Based on research this is standard for a long time.
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    anyone using ethernet to usb adapters?

    I have used Dell and HP adapters without issue.
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    The catalytic converter thieves have become BOLDER!

    It’s been bad here for 2 years. The guy I listen to on the radio in the morning had his stolen off his truck in a parking garage.
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    Dang! I've gotten punched by Covid!

    I attended a party in OH recently, everyone was vaccinated, most with the booster. There were around 20 people there and about 5 people had Covid about 4 days later. No one is bad off though, they all say it’s like a cold.
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    Another high school shooting. Three dead so far...

    I do find it interesting that the profile of the shooter is not a headline yet. Makes me wonder what’s going on.
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    EV Propaganda

    Driving at 75 MPH kills the batter too from what I have read. I can only imagine what driving at 75 MPH when it’s cold out would do. I guess I would be open to a conversation when there is a 500 mile range Driving at 75 MPH that can be recharged to go at least 400 more miles in 45 minutes. I...
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    EV Propaganda

    They probably polled people that do not have EVs already. About 20% change back to gas after driving an EV for a while.