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    1988 Foxzilla CWI Performance

    Dropped out of Sema and went for quality build.
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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Bronco Raptor Spied Nearly Undisguised

    Bronco Raptor buyers dont care, but I no longer that hyped on lifted trucks when all I do is pavement. And FJB still have some years left in office.
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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Bronco Raptor Spied Nearly Undisguised

    Yeah like who want a car ST/RS when they can cruise the pavement in a 75K Bronco Raptor? A year ago november 2020 the average gas price was $2.125 nationally. Today december 2021 the average gas price is $3.293 nationally. What will be the average gas price january 2023 when the Bronco...
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    Ford Prototype Twin Turbo Modular 4.6 found stored since 1999

    Terminator or future Ecoboost proto?
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    1988 Foxzilla CWI Performance

    This will be a showstopper at SEMA.
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    1988 Thunderbird 7.3L Godzilla.

    L83 5.3 out. 7.3 in.
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    Ford GT Almost Guaranteed Let Down

    There. Fixed it. No reason to hate on the 3.5 Le Mans spec, but a V8 street fighter built for the street would only make the GT legacy cooler. Made to race spec is cool, but made for the street is cooler. The Ecoboost brand is dead, and we live in the endgame of ICE. Just do it Dodge style...
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    Spy Shots: Ford's GT Program Going Strong?

    But are you a real Ford ambassador if a 7.3 in the GT bring out your pouty face? I am so desp that I cling to click baites at this stage. In my mind 7.3 GT happen because the Ecoboost is the new V8 in this forcing of EV everything from Ford. The Ecoboost brand is no longer hot, and the Le Mans...
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    Spy Shots: Ford's GT Program Going Strong?

    Cool! A kick in the nuts for all the 3.5L GT collectors. Copy a page of the book Dodge use. Bigger engines in "old" cars. I like this.
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    Long time since last upload from Lengerracing. Terra Crew to the rescue.
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    Bronco Production Officially Starts | Dealer Shipments Begin

    LOL! 20 min video. I dont have the time now. But guessing celebration of transition to shipping?
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    Happy Pride Month Chevy Owners

    USA Login • Instagram Arabia Login • Instagram Cant find any any LBT or word of we see you, and we will not be silent like GM wrote after Floyd left the earth in the Arabia insta. But I see regular cab Trailboss, Camaro, Corvette and more of the cool stuff. Also less of the CUV, and the new...