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    anyone running a 295/40r18?

    i see that falken makes that tire size but was interested in how it looks on the car. Anyone have them by any chance? If so, can u post pics pls
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    295/35r18 or 305/35/18

    lookng for something that size and also matching fronts, perhaps a 265/35?
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    Best oil for 01 cobra

    hey guys, what is the best oil to use for my 01 cobra? It is my DD and mostly stock besides a Bama tune, BBK CAI, and 4.56 gears It has 64,xxx miles and it is hot 11 out of 12 months of the year where i live!
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    hey looking for the best price for two of these tires! shipped to 78521 mainly looking for lowest price and money wont be ready till next friday though. pls and thank you, Jorge
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    dome and map light not working?

    as the title says, my dome light does not work. its been like this since i got the car. Any ideas on how i could fix this? Ive already tried new dome lights but that didnt work. maybe a bad fuse?
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    help needed on removal of alternator

    as the title says, i need a how-to on removing my alternator. i think its gone bad because my car hasnt been starting these past few days without getting cables. the battery is new and i can hear the starter clicking but it wont start so im assuming its the alternator? any feedback is welcome...
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    bad window motor?

    hey guys, so my passenger side window doesn't go up or down when i push the buttons from either door. i dont hear any noise from the motor working and the lights dont dim down so its not pulling any current. could this be a bad window motor or regulator? any tips or questions r welcome!
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    service engine soon!!

    i connected my sct to see what was up and i got this.. p0452-evap emission control system pressure low p1125-tps sensor intermittent p1112-iat sensor p0112=inake air temperature circuit low input where do i start guys?! lol car did start to stutter a little under light load, but was fine at WOT..
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    anyone have pics of 99/01 cobras with cut springs?

    like the title says, anyone have pics of their cars with cut springs? If so, can u add details such as, how many coils cut and with or without iso's not really interested in spending 250 bucks on springs lol -thanks
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    service engine light turned on!!

    so i ran my sct tuner to read the codes and this is what i got... P1000-obd11 testing not complete P1112-intake air temp sensor intermittent P1125-throttle position sensor intermittent P0452-evaporative emission control system pressure sensor low input what can i do to fix these things guys...
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    Wtt staggered silver saleen wheels 18's

    These are brand new, never mounted, silver saleen wheels. reason for trade is because im trying to go for a different look with my car. interessted in stealth black fr500 or chrome saleens. if you have something else let me know! PM me your number to send u pics if interested! oh and they are...
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    hyper black saleens

    hey guys im about to buy some hyper black saleens from lethal performance, and i wanted ur opinions on these wheels guys. oh and they will be going on a black 01 cobra. ill try to post a pic
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    electrical problem! hlp needed..

    alright guys, so the owner before me had an aftermarket alarm system installed, but the guy was having problems with the alarm going off and on, on its own. his solution was to remove the alarm by simply cutting random wires from under the dash. now the car's domelight, lock and unlock...
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    anyone know what brand hood this is?? this is the look im going for guys! and yes i know its a gt but it has our front bumper and a cowl hood. if anyone has info on this hood can u let me know pls!
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    which wheels for black cobra?!

    So I'm looking for some wheels for my black cobra coupe. Its between afs reps (chrome) xxr 526 or chrome saleens! I want 18 by 10.5 inch in the rears but I'm having trouble finding saleens that size. Any help, pics, and opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance guys