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    FS 2003 Mustang GT Vortech Si Trim, Forged Shortblock

    Check it ... Asking $11,000. I live in San Diego.
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    2003 Mustang GT Vortech Si Trim Forged Shortblock

    2003 Mustang GT 5 speed 72k miles on body 25k on motor Forged Shortblock with JE Pistons, Manley Rods, Cobra Crank BUILT BY STRICTLY PERFORMANCE Vortech V2 SQ Si Trim with 2.87" Pulley Ram HD Clutch Pro-M Blow Thru 3" Tube Paxton Air to Air Intercooler 39# Injectors SVT Focus Fuel Pump...
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    Two GT's in AZ

    mineralstangt and I hung out today and washed these cars after many Arizona dust storms have rolled thru in the past month. Today it was 111 degrees outside, so sorry if there is sweat drops in any of the photos.
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    Craigslist Civic/M3

    Ugliest car i've seen in a while. Honda civic with a bmw body kit...:shrug: HONDA CIVIC converted BMW M3
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    buying an intercooler need help

    I have a Mustang GT 2V with a Vortech V2 SQ S Trim Blower and I I was looking at CXRACING.COM's DIY Intercooler kits. Would these kits work for a Vortech S Trim? Some come with blow off valves which would be cool to switch to. If the kits did work for my mustang which kit should I get? Or if you...
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    My Rides

    Took the rides out for a quick photoshoot today. Daily Driver 2000 Ford F-150 5.4 L V8 Belltech 3/4 Drop 20" Helo Kick Rims 5% Tint 8000K HID Headlights 2003 Ford Mustang GT 284ci Forged Shortblock Vortech S Trim @ 13psi etc... Let me know wut ya think!:rockon...
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    Drag shocks for an 03

    Hey guys I have a 2003 GT and im in need of some drag shocks. What is the best drag shock for an 03? Also where can I find these shocks?
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    Stock L wheels

    Anyone want to trade a set of 20" wheels that will fit an f-150 for a set of 18 inch lightning wheels? Or something? Just lookin for a new set of wheels.
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    mustang gtr

    So on my way home from california over the weekend I look to my right and theres a flaming mustang gtr next to me. have a look ! :shrug:
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    Chupacabra video

    Chupacabra or the Goatsucker was a monster that used to kill small animals by sucking their blood CUERO, Texas—A sheriff’s office in Dewit County says it may have caught the legendary Chupacabra on camera. Dewitt County deputies on patrol say they recorded the animal near the small town...
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    Pics of my boxer puppy

    This is my boxer my puppy Stella. She was born May 23rd In Houston, Texas. These are just a few pictures of her runnin around today. Thought i'd share.:banana: These are my two vehicles incase youre wondering.:rockon: The daily driver. 2000 Ford F-150 XLT 5.4L *Dumped 40...
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    S/C GT pics with new camera

    SO I got the Canon Rebel Xti and felt it was time to take some pics of the mustang. Its an awesome camera but i really am new to this so feel free to leave me some tips for the next shoot.:rockon:
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    Nice TX GT Photoshoot

    Drivin home from Texas A&M to Houston for Easter and i noticed this building out in the country and i had to take pictures here. A little info on the car. Its got a forged shortblock with a vortech s trim blower. still working on the manifold and coil pack problem so it hasnt had a final...
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    Tuners in AZ?

    Hey guys im moving again to Tempe, Arizona but this time for much much longer. Im looking to get my 2003 Mustang GT tuned somewhere while im up there. Also a place that can do great jobs on installs. Its a built motor with a blower in this GT.
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